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    This game is so realistic the fake virus scanner you have to install on a PC has an install time. GOTY.
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    Asking Russian to hack Hillary's emails on live television? Doesn't look like anything to me. Son, Campaign Manager, and Son in Law meeting with a Kremlin lawyer? Doesn't look like anything to me. Passing Russian sanctions due to a veto-proof majority, then refusing to enforce them? Doesn't look like anything to me. Saying he believes Putin over the entire US intelligence community (FBI, CIA, NSA) on live television in Helsinki? Doesn't look like anything to me. Lifting Russian sanctions? Doesn't look like anything to me. Pulling out of Syria, causing Mad Dog Mattis to resign? Doesn't look like anything to me. Try to build a Trump Tower in Moscow during his campaign and presidency? Doesn't look like anything to me. Holding multiple closed door meetings with Putin that even his own administration and cabinet don't know the details of? Doesn't look like anything to me. Multiple campaign officials indicted and flipped, his person lawyer indicted and flipped, and how one of his chief political strategists indicted and soon to flip? Doesn't look like anything to me. Trump's not just inadequate. He's the first president in history to go directly against America's interests. The only person on this forum that can honestly state Trump is the best POTUS in history is Aza because he's Russian. This is great for him.
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    I wish there was a mod that would let you swap out the mr. x theme with this godly track.
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    The Pirates of the Caribbean world in KH3 just does some insane things visuals wise. Firstly the art style is completely different, even Goofy and Donald look more realistic and detailed to blend in with the characters and sets from the source material. Then theres moments where you're almost tricked into thinking you're watching a CG cutscene but then they seamlessly transition into gameplay and your only reaction is ''
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    After spending more time with REmake 2, my feelings for the game aren't as positive as before. I still think it's a great game but I don't feel like it's a good RE game.
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    If you have some time to kill and are curious about how Brexit happened, this is a good place to start. Its interesting how different the concessions were viewed amongst the Brussels politicians vs our media.
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    DMX is one of the GOATs
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    Labor and prestigious reasons, the Arabs and Egyptians enslaved a lots. They didn't travel to foreign lands to re-do other cultures though. The Arabs and Muslims must have, up until 1400s or so, but the European is the latest modernest known dictator/oppresser. Unless you wanna compare us to a handful of corrupt modern governments. All races have tried to conquer yes. None more insinuating and sinister than the slave owner winner of modern times -- re: op. I'm not blaming you. Nor am I saying at no point in history blacks did not enslave or oppress more. You would have to go outside of morals and name shithole governments of now, to blanket over the wests' most recent past.
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    claire's campaign is once again the better one. goddamn Irons has always been the creepiest thing in this game. Makes claire's campaign so much better than leon's.
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    Upholding California as a liberal paradise? LMFAO They even have 3rd world diseases breaking out now. https://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/news/20181010/california-typhus-outbreak-continues-to-grow About Typhus The disease in the L.A. outbreak is known as murine typhus and can spread to people from infected flea bites or feces of infected fleas. Those feces have bacteria called Rickettsia typhi, according to the CDC. When these infected feces are rubbed accidentally into scrapes or cuts in the skin, people become sick. In L.A. County, the health department says, typhus infects fleas found on dogs, cats, rats, and opossums. Animals carrying typhus themselves do not get sick.
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    Pointing out Jewish involvement in the slave trade = antisemitism now.
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    So you don’t believe in equality like you claim. And are waiting for revenge. Lol
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    Don’t call people evil if they could make your race slaves again. Insane to me. “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” is true. I will never be one to enslave anyone, but you push people and call them out for shit they didn’t do long enough you’ll turn those people into what you’re accusing them off ”not a cheater but if I’m accused might as well be”
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    Agreed Every race has been enslaved at some point have a sexy white girl walk down the street in Compton at 2 am and see where she ends up slavery-shit can happen, and is simply a result of being in the minority if the country was 90% black people, whites would be slaves....RN
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    I'm part of the problem. Sorry... but that Latina ass is too god damn good
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    what in the fuck does this have to do with anything?
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    those comments HOLY SHIT Xbox is fucking dead, the laughing stock of the business. SEGA was better off when they caved, Xflop is a fucking punchline a this point. Fuck you Phil Sphincter.
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    Looks like Hotline Miami had sex with the paint aisle at Walmart.
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    Finally got red dead 2 for one x. Based on pro/neg reviews I’ve read, this sounds right up my alley. It will probably take me 6 months to finish, but that’s fine. I want a chill world to explore.
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    learn to read. Runs better. Runs. R U N S
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