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    I played it, hated it, and still kind of want to go back to it every time somebody starts talking about it. You should definitely give it a shot.
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    What Mike thinks a heavily multicultural city is: What it actually is:
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    "Pre-alpha in-game footage"
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    I’m getting gamepass for sure! I may have to wait a few weeks, though. Gotta finish RDR2.
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    I'll bet this looks great with HDR, the IQ in this game is really high as well.
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    In my own thread... he says I was quick to respond You mean quick like your upcoming ban? Here let me @Cookester15 for you
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    Yeah some salty Sony fanatics on Youtube were trying to fabricate the illusion that the cloud destruction was not in effect based upon that IGN video saying that it has to be handled locally and god knows whatever other dumb shit trying to compare it to Red Faction Guerilla. Now that people are actually playing it a bunch of them are uploading images and videos just like this showing it's 100% cloud fueled destruction on a large scale. P.S. @jehurey is
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    Doctor and therapy. Other than that take the pain and walk it off. I had a pretty bad one like that which lasted like two months. If it is too much you might need surgery too.
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    When Bill Burr talked about his sciatica on his podcast, he ended up improving it with a messuse and stretches he learned from this guy who has a series of youtube videos:
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    anyone heard about 21 savage?
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    I wasn't sure if I had sciatica or a herniated disk. Someone on here recommended stretches and that relieved it temporarily but you gotta keep doing it. I also bought one of those cushions that have a gap by the tailbone. I'm guessing it is this piriformis syndrome for me since the pain/discomfort never went below the knee. Recently I noticed that when sitting I seem to be tightening that muscle subconsciously and I did sit on my wallet a lot.
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    Watch the stretch videos on youtube
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