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    People who lie about shit like this should get the same punishment as the actual perpetrators of a hate crime.
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    Not just that, but an anime fighter cash-in from a developer most known for visual novels. Like who is expecting these guys to be the torch bearer for Japanese developer tech aptitude?
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    @Angel Jim Hitler Joke Rule #1 for comedians If you're gonna make a Hitler joke make sure it's funny
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    That's a big blow if I've ever seen one, Reggie practically is Nintendo... The fall from the cliff has begun sheep, your savior is dead!
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    None. Never really been a completionist tbh. I just play through the game in the most enjoyable way for me.
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    ROFLMAO you can compare ANYTHING to ANYTHING If you brought up pumpkin pie, should I then start talking about that and how it compares? crazy dems
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    "You're a millionaire funded by Billionaires." We should use a variant of this on Ghostz. "You're a thousandaire funded by lmao you do it for free".
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    Tucker Carlson gets owned and starts cursing up a storm. He got destroyed so bad Fox refused to air the segment
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    The only destruction worth mentioning related to this game is the one it inflicted on the scarce lemmings faction.
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    Who would have thought BioWare making a game in a genre that lives and dies by quality gameplay would end badly Its like hyping a character action game by Bethesda
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    you can't compare two things in a thread in which people tried to use the Smollet story to be about liberals?????????? You conveniently can't have your brain think about the fact that right-wingers and alt-right'ers have allowed people to STEAL NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY FROM THE UNITED STATES...............and give it to the country WHERE THE 9/11 ATTACKERS CAME FROM?????? You shutting your brain down, again, boy? How convenient. Please..........keep your mind on Jessie Smollet at all times. I don't blame you. LOL
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    Dude is sitting here championing Sea of Shit, Crapdown 3, and 5tate of Decay 2, then thinks he has the gall to complain about Japanese developers.
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    I did say last warning. Take the day off jonb. It will be better tomorrow. Cleaning thread again.
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    it’s a fucked up story. If he’s guilty, I hope he gets the worst punishment available. He will make it that much harder for real victims to find justice.
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    Goes to show you just how good Bungie are. Destiny has had issues but nothing like the ones Bethesda and Bioware have been experiencing with FO76 and Anthem. These SP primary devs being feeling the pressure of making a giant MP game and failing miserably seems to be a theme. Stick to your strengths!
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    'by hiring two black guys to impersonate white racists' I don't think he thought this through very well....
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    how does xbox one compare to og xbox at this point of the cycle? Xbox 2005 vs Xbox One 2018 meanwhile... PS2 2005 vs PS4 2018 ps4 IS cranking out games left and right at a pace not seen since the ps2. 2017-2018 was an embarrassment of riches for ps4, while xbox one was just an embarrassment. just look at the head-to-head: PS4 vs Xbox 2017 PS4 vs Xbox 2018 one great single player game every 2 years? try every 2 weeks. xbox one x launched 15 months ago, and has ONE multiplat thats both AAA and a graphical showpiece: RDR2. RE2 isnt moving the needle in the technical edge, and a high-A/low-AA flop like metro, or some annual ubitrash isnt moving the needle in the quality department. none of these are pushing anyone over the $500 cliff to buy an xbox one x when they could get those on ps4 plus its 1st party heavy hitters, and 3rd party japanese xcluded games. "both companies need to get their shit together"
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