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    Man why do you make self ownage threads that can be bumped so easily.
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    Just came back from watching Into the Spiderverse. Holy shit, that movie was excellent. Its the best animated CGI movie I've ever seen. Spiderman almost requires a movie that allows for such super-fast movement. Good thing I was able to catch it in a nice theater, because you're losing out if you watch it on a regular tv screen.
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    I doubt he could keep the lie up that long, but if that did happen then he would be an even a bigger dickhole than he currently is.
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    I think I'm at least half way through TR now if not more. I'm liking it for the most part. The gunplay and story/plot/characters are still incredibly average but I love the actual tomb raiding and locales. Does feel like just more TR though. Happy for the franchise to get a bit of a break. Did the Ship tomb specifically cause how much I've heard you talk about it. Did not disappoint. Those tombs are probably where the game is at it's best. I feel they took too much influence from UC in this one though, tried to have more cutscenes but the problem is the characters are so shit and there is zero emotional investment in anything so unlike in UC I don't look forward to them at all and think they kill the pace. The game is at it's best in stealth sequences and when you're exploring new tombs.
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    a cut on my head after following someone home is NOT justified. holy shit. ya, sorry, if it was a white woman thinking she's about to be raped, your guppie ass would be confused you'd have no idea which race to defend. GO FUCK YOURSELF. I WOULD BAN YOU FOR A WEEK FOR BEING SO FUCKING DUMB ABOUT THIS.
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    because he's a colosal idiot. He also thinks george zimmerman deserved to murder Trayvon Martin, after following the kid home in his car and giving chase on foot. Then murdering the child because the damn PUSSY can't defend himself when he goes and looks for a fight. Oh, and testimony from the murderer/only survivor was enough. Holly sheesh.
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    I think that girl needs a dictionary
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    those were the only new releases in january and they're from the Bamco-Square-Capcom trinity that can sell anything anywhere. Again, Xflop accounts for 10% of their sales and these are massive, worldwide reknown franchises. Imagine what the smaller stuff does, valkyria, persona, etc. 10% of 100k copies isn't worth it for developers. If it's a big franchise like RE or KH you can justify porting costs, just how the cookie crumbles. MS needs to work on getting a bigger slice of the pie. exclusives might help (just maybe - console business 101 stupid ass multiplat assclown spencer)
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    the dark ages didn't look so bad compared to this
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    Maybe be not technically; but the overall package, content available at launch, online features and single player content, the whole bang for your bucks, at launch? Absolutely, and some of the most fun I had. SFV can suck a dick.
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    Late reaction because I got sidetracked by RE2, but I've been playing it and hearing that seems crazy. Wtf happened with SFV? I've played a bit of it but it just seems more of the same as SFIV. Mortal Kombat X feels solid. And now I see some shit about SNK heroines and one button specials. The hell is going on with fighting games lol.
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    Fuckin' hell, man, just MAKE GODDAMNED HALO! Why is this so hard for MS?
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    have they done anything worthwhile this gen? besides slapping their names on evil within's box. I guess were due for Elder Scrolls 6 soon
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    If you found that hilarious, you ought to love this one.
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    You lost me here. What other times are you thinking it should be 19th Century America?
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    his reggae singing got annoying af to be able to finish that
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    Honestly, this shit is 100% garbage.
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    Waiting until this racist responds. Never going to let him live this down.
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    Why the fuck is still in your brain?
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    man, that's some crazy shit. i can't even remember last year's posts. i'm old af.
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