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    When BC says, We'll call you, I didn't think he meant that literally
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    Yeah I think it's pretty good. Fairly straightforward mechanically, very linear and simple but at the same time the style and setting are a little different than the norm. I do think it would've been far more impressive back when it launched though. It is super blurry at times too which has this strange effect of sometimes looking excellent and other times looking like a mess. TV show wise, it's painfully bad, ain't watching anymore. Atm I'd say its a solid 7.5-8 game.
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    Why don't you guys just get it from the Internet Archive website. Think practical.
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    This is really just not true tbh. Almost any sleep study would say different. 30 minute naps are very valuable. Even high level athletes generally take pre-game naps. The impact of sleep deprivation is pretty terrible unless you're part of a very very small percentage of people that can legitiamtely get by on less.
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    I know the ending is hard to watch but wraps up the story nicely with the quotes in his report. Amazing movie.
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    Seems kind of silly to compare a service you've been subbed to for years to one that provides everything up front.
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    They make high end games. some are simply impossible to scale back. All the smaller scale stuff comes to switch and it's usually always the better version, like Okami w/Brush controls. So down for this. Special edition with STARS aluminum carrying case for Switch BEST ON SWITCH!
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    You guys want to know what things become valuable and are actually collectible? It's shit like this, a developer shirt for a cancelled game. Brand new, thank you based Microsoft for offloading these things into my local area.
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    You sure it isn't as valuable as a Hillary 2016 or a losing team's shirts that get sent to Africa?
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    Looks about as worthless as all the other VR solutions currently out there Obviously the worst of the bunch but at a certain point it's a binary "Is this worth playing" and the answer is always no.
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    And he's a white guy saying that. How brainwashed are these people? Completely conditioned to hate themselves.
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    Better weather effects on Switch. Owned.
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    Finally jumped back into Horizon and started Frozen Wilds. This might be even better than the main game.
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    I'm about to start following this Also, when it would be best to do cardio?
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    Wtf MGS is one of the best written franchises with memorable characters, and Snake is one of the iconic characters in gaming. Remember the characters in Splinter Cell, Thief of Hitman aside from the main characters? Of course not. Also the boss designs of Psycho Mantis, The End, The Boss etc are legendary. I hadn't seen a top 10 bosses list in gaming without Psycho Mantis.
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    That codec convo. It was so ahead of its time. Death Stranding is easily the most original first party game this gen,and it's insane Sony is spending over 50 million on it.
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    It would be even greater if it wasn't heavily edited to seem more even keeled, the libs are clearly being destroyed but it's being altered in a way to somewhat even things out.
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    LOL, I played Trials Evolution on my PC while watching late night tv for weeks. Loved getting perfect runs.
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