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    Yeah. I started dating this woman who likes going out a lot, I quickly realized I can only find time to game when I'm single (it was the same thing with my ex). I have no idea how people with kids does it. Plus I have a lot of projects underway, bout time I started kicking my ass. I need a new career prospect, going back to school, getting back into shape, and I want to travel and see the world a bit more. I'm probably never playing a game again. What a colossal waste of time.
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    the face lift and butt seks included in the groupon special
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    lol I do wonder if cooke is a high-fuctioning being sometimes
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    Why don't you guys just get it from the Internet Archive website. Think practical.
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    Game, movie, whatever, this is the best intro I've ever seen.
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    world is slowly turning into a monty python movie
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    all gratification are fake. It's intrinsically cyclical. You have to repeat the pleasurable activity to avoid the displeasure of not doing it. Not until you reach a plateau, or rock bottom. That separation between "this is pleasure" v "this is no longer pleasurable" can lead to breaking the cycle and moving on from that activity. that line crossed, called by Freud the "pleasure principle". But then Lacan comes along and explains when someone still continues the activity despite the lack of pleasure. It's to go beyond the pleasure principle, seeking to augment pleasure out of not getting pleasure out of it. He calls it Juissance. Think of having sex just for the sake of it/your partner even when you're not in the mood. So you want to amp up the "hole in the sheet slow thrusting" to some more kinky shit to get in the mood for it again. You get obsessed with augmenting it each time the kinky shit gets old, with more newer harder kinks. And before you know it, you are drugged out getting gangraped by 20 guys, bukkake, scat, fisting, and still you're like "not enough". And you're up at like 5am watching porn to find a new kink to try immediately, having escorts on speed dial. or so i heard. Not relatable. not an anecdote. Again, not about me.
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    sleep deprivation can make you delirious, further detached from others' perception of reality, ironically living in a dream. Think of sleep on the other hand as the Matrix scene when Neo learns to ride a helicopter. When you sleep your brain takes all the data you consumed from your wake period and shapes you day by day, who you develop as. Give it up to your brain for doing the most it can to make you adaptive, shield you from trauma, to self-analyze and learn from failure. Its most effective during sleep and also, believe it; boredom. Take a break from your naps and your dota, sit in "boring" silence for a while without drinking or any other distracting gratification. It'll do wonders for your depression.
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    Uh-huh keep telling yourself that.
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    In other words, you realized that I did direct-quote you. It should be hard to figure out. Its the thing you are NOT able to do. But that's okay Ghostbuster B. LOL
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    Yeah I think it's pretty good. Fairly straightforward mechanically, very linear and simple but at the same time the style and setting are a little different than the norm. I do think it would've been far more impressive back when it launched though. It is super blurry at times too which has this strange effect of sometimes looking excellent and other times looking like a mess. TV show wise, it's painfully bad, ain't watching anymore. Atm I'd say its a solid 7.5-8 game.
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    You didn't say anything. "people need to get over shit"..............coming from the type of person who is losing their shit over GILLETTE COMMERCIALS. I love that you dumbasses created that thread..............its going to be so easy to win these types of arguments in the future.
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    If I can avoid them, I do. It's really hard to fight that urge to collapse on my bed after a long day but I like to go work out instead and get my full night's sleep instead of napping and feeling tired and groggy all day.
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    I love how Cooke doesn’t think
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    Lakers are so fucking trash. I regret ever having faith and feel nothing but shame. What are they now since LeBron "activated playoff mode early"? 2-6? Maybe play some defense?
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    plus, homeboy backs up every claim with actual studies, and gives props to some of the best experts in the industry. here's an example:
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