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    Sony is trying to appease the SJW generation by cucking to them. Fucking disgusting. It's what, a few seconds of ass? but it has to be changed just to appeal to some jobless commie who posts on resetera but would have no problem if the game had a tranny swinging her dick around uncensored. Then it would be "progressive".
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    It's called getting older, I left the club scene for about a 5 year period and tried to go back to it with some younger friends; didn't pan out. By that point I was already over it, it just wasn't fun anymore and to be honest I don't even like drinking that much anymore even though it used to be one of my favorite activities.
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    You're so fragile and anxious about strangers asking each other out that you think it's reasonable to be defensive about it. Are you even able to go to the grocery store without your mom holding your hand?
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    Communism is shit Fascism is shit Nazis are shit Stalinists are shit All extreme ideologies are shit. When will people realize that the best way to live is in the middle.
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    Progs calling anyone fragile is the best example of projection that's out there. This is the group that gave us microaggressions, safe spaces, the Patriarchy Conspiracy Theory, intersectionalism, helicopter parenting, sex-negative feminism, fat shaming, and adult coloring books. If you ever run across a prog on Twitter, search their feed for "depression" and "anxiety". The hit rate's over 75%.
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    children growing up with bullets flying left and right, but yeah she lives life on the defense.
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    Nice pics @Alien JimIs that one one the huts you're living in while over there?
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    Looks like you could bake a casserole in that thing
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    Yall straight dumb
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    Why does this read like the old Dreamcast 2 fanboy wet dreams
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    "There's a whole bunch of reasons why I love Channel 4's "Utopia", but scenes like these are by far the best way to explain it. Tense, masterfully written, topically relevant... simply phenomenal. "
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    cause they all suck dude. So disappointed with Titans, and enjoyed Umbrella Academy and The Gifted for what they are in the genre they are in, but they don't stand next to any of the quality tv shows out there. Honestly, if you can get your hands on Utopia, it's pretty rare, that's the only huge budget/quality "comic book" tv show, that got cancelled because not enough people knew of it for the budget it cost hearing the soundtrack excites me so much. One of the best first time experiences of my life was watching this gem
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    lol you'll probably come back to it but it's great to hear. Nothing against cooking but you're smart and you shouldn't be slaving away in a kitchen.
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    movie is getting trashed even by all the biggest legit review channels
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    good luck bro. i've actually put dating on hold (except for this cute asian girl i see twice a week), so i can have more time for myself (walking on the beach/relaxing/gaming/tv/etc). i too was going out a lot, for a while there, and barely game'd for like 3 or 4 months (september- january), because i was too busy (and burnt out). it was fun, at first, but then that life got old (and expensive af). i actually game'd the most when i was married, since marriage life is pretty much boring lol. however, most of my gamer friends with kids barely play now...or wait until the kids are asleep (so they game significantly less). it's good to see you are restructuring your priorities. once you feel "established", and have accomplished your goals, you may end up revisiting gaming...or not. regardless, i hope you stick with the nuts and bolts of your plan
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    Good for you dude. Enjoy. You will start gaming again once you reached some of your goals.
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    It just does
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