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    Xbox flopped, its time to move on
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    Factions arose naturally. You can't really create them from the top-down or you'll get inane shit like "manticores".
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    Funny because they haven’t even been able to handle Nintendo and Sony
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    rewatched coherence for the 100th time, this movie gets better every time I watch it.
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    Crumbling empire, Phil claims another victim I'll keep this ship floating until everyone leaves, captain's duty
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    I have to say that Facebook has really fucked up. Now, they're losing money with their Facebook data-gathering business, they should've started growing their video game business a while ago. When Google does something, they move quickly. I have a sneaking suspicion that Google is going to cause a big ripple in getting indie games. They could have their development tools be a website, where you design the game, test it, and then upload to Google for approval and it shows up on their game store. Wouldn't surprise me if they have a deal in place with Ubisoft. In fact, I had long suspected that Ubisoft should've already had a new Splinter Cell game to show. Maybe Google secured it as an exclusive. Its a slow moving, it'd probably work well with streaming.
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    We had a lot of really good lans, the normal ones were 40 man lans but we also had a few 200 man and 400 man lans. Shit we even had some girls who used to come to them.
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    the far cry drawing is accurate.
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    You missed out on real PC culture, back when lanning was still a real thing, when it was a communal activity and not this online driven shell it is now. We legit used to do this every month for like a 5 year period. This guy in Marysville held a 36 hour lan in his garage for 40 people, dinner, poker, alcohol, games... It was some of the best gaming experiences I ever had.
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    Xbox One disc as a Pizza Cutter LMFAO the disrespect Keep groveling to these scumbags you 125lb Queerbait, LMFAO!
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    OHHHHH Say Caannn youuuuu SEEEEEEEEEEEE Twennntyyy frameesss perrrrr seecccconddd Foooorrrr the Flooooooppppss that weeeeee bouuhggggttttt That are betttttttterrrrr onnnnnnn PCCCCCCCCC OHHHHHH sayyyy does thaaatt xboxxx suuuuccckkkk Shoullld have boouuuuhggttt aa a PEEEEEEEEEECEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEE Forrr the MEEEEENNNNN that gettttt CUCCCCCCCCKEEEED GAmeeeess runnnnn worrrrrrrrrrsseeeeeeee Thaannnnnnn PPPPPPPPPPPPPPP SSSSSS 333333333333333333333333
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    X is TWO V's, cause you need TWO vaginas to handle all the dick MS is giving you
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    Literally took 1 post of him to believe his delusion and run with it. Impressive.
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    Who's still wearing Green? @bhytre a.k.a 'The Last Samurai"
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    Everyone should have know when Sea of Thieves Dropped. SOT IS xbox A sinking ship with nothing to do
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    The last remaining lemshit, the king of fakeboys has finally laid down his sword and become a dellkid. Xbox is truly dead. Bovines, Sheep, xbox haters, we waited a long time for this day. It has finally arrived. Shout out to all the homies who died in battle. Teh_messenjah, fact0r, shadowcuz, and the rest. We did it guys we killed the Xbox. Gaming is saved.
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    yeah, nobody's going to get the next xbox after this lmfao. After this gen they've flushed any trust down the toilet, and they know there's no way out. Going forward, even I'd opt for PC if I wanted to play MS games in the future. Good thing I don't want to play any of them anymore, lol.
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    Personally I think it looks better.
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    Bro it your level of comfortability & who you’re with. Go out with your real friends you’ll have fun. It’s not about getting bitches. It’s about having fun and then biddies come to you bc they like having fun. Even if you’re not having fun act like you are
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