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    We're all going to be Lemmings. Well, part Lemming when you really think about it.
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    Yeah, that's a completely weak response.............and its also technically not something a congressman is supposed to do because she is undermining the Executive Branch of government, which is meant to be the ONLY authority to negotiate with foreign states. Back in 2015, Tom Cotton--a dipshit Republican Congressman--and other Republican congressmen signed a letter and sent it to Iran's Prime Minister threatening them that they would be sanctioned. Undermining the position of the Obama White House. Its called the "Sole Organ" doctrine. The President is the "sole organ" of the nation in its external relations, and its sole representative with foreign nations. If you are part of a diplomatic envoy, it is supposed to be with the PERMISSION of the White House. She did this by herself. It was a PR stunt. And she looks stupid (and rather obvious) for having done it. Bashir Al-Assad knew that she represented absolutely nothing and carried no power from the US government. He used her as a PR stunt to make himself look like a normal legitimate head-of-state. Its the same reason we're bashing Trump for meeting Kim Jung Un........we don't meet with CURRENT war criminals, because it LEGITIMIZES them to other countries.
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    I wouldn't say they've killed it, I would say they have rebranded it.
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    Haven't you learned anything from Dyno? When you know you're wrong you have to double down and be even more certain!!! You should be more and more convinced of 2019 as every day passes
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    I had my "It's March 30th, and thanks to the process of elimination, who else is excited for the PS5 announcement tomorrow?" thread all ready, but it's just not the same when you're coming around to see reason.
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    He thinks this is gonna save him?
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    He'll be back. This is the only place he can go where he can be an ignorant dumbass and not be banned.
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    this forum has always been gay af. It’s why we post in it . It’s like a bukkake party, with the lemming faction on its knees.
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    2019 confirmed
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    Nobody cares about these cuck sjw silicon valley companies. Privacy invasion, censorship degeneracy, and profiting off personal information. They can all go fuck themselves.
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    I'm going to laugh my fuggin' nuts off if the reason Nintendo shat the bed with their online system is because they've been in talks with Microsoft to bring XBL over.
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    So many disappointed google searches lmao
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    According to google this is our most popular page
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    I can't believe I'm saying this: I can't wait for Sony to wipe the floor with these San Francisco, American SJW fuckClowns. Get the fuck out of gaming you silicon Valley Freaks, The Japanese are coming to eat your lunch and throw you to the fucking wolves. Fuck Google.
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    us going into next gen Deeno when Chief collection got ported
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    it's there in clear writing. 3rd party confirmed.
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    that's a lot of green discs there bud you done fucked up. badly
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    Never seen a web forum of less than 10 members try to alienate some of those 10 members I'm gonna DDOS this site into the ground. Ban me for that! Fucking losers.
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    Haha funny. Who do you think you're dealing with here? Some idiot mod disabled Chatbox under my profile. Fuck this shit.. Bye. I'm really never coming back to this dump. fucktards.
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