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    This is coming out in August as well. Those illustrations in the book scared the shit out of me as a kid.
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    Urm, does watching other slow things make you feel adequate?
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    Just takes getting rid of Microsoft as their partner
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    'Member when he tried to shame you for spending all day here whie having 2-3x the posts in 1/8th the time? EDIT: Oh shit, he had 4x the posts.
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    Prompting Deeno to say the dumbest shit is one of my favorite pastimes.
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    Ladies and gentlemen, we've reached peak obliviousness.
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    "the movement against" white nationalism? Isn't that otherwise known as the "equality" movement? That's ridiculous to you, eh? lol
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    ive never seen it and I hate clowns. i would fuck up their shit lol not even lying the way they look make me feel empowered, i'd torture these ugly bastards like in sinister with a lawn mower or some shit.
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    You know that quote is referencing a religious fanatic who doesn't understand that he's about to wipe out his entire race, don't you? So i guess it's pretty fitting, in an ironic way.
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    ms is fucking useless. they should have left gaming a long time ago.
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    Literature peaked with Twilight
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    God the UK government is a shit show right now.
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    Make way for me, Hermits delete my number, Im joining the SHEEP and coming HOME again TLHBO TCHBK THHBR Us Sheep always WIN ----> The cows' best childhood memory is now for Sheep. The Lemmings' entire existence is now for Switch. The hermits' best games are Ninty emulators "Never thought Id see the day" Quote of all Time bodycount just hit these systemwars.com with a ROYAL FLUSH, mods promote him
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