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    Just takes getting rid of Microsoft as their partner
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    Dynocrap thinks that we can form a response to his air-tight argument that taking facebook away from white racists is the SAME THING as taking African land from Africans who were standing around and doing nothing.? He really thought, in his head, that was such a solid argument..........that we wouldn't be able to make a counter-point against it?
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    "the movement against" white nationalism? Isn't that otherwise known as the "equality" movement? That's ridiculous to you, eh? lol
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    this troll 2 scene is still legendary. So bad, yet amazing
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    Goosebumps is the least "scary" you can get, tho. If they can't handle that, then don't bother with AUAotD.
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    AYAotD is scarier than Goosebumps though.
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    Literature peaked with Twilight
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    Everything is clear to MS - they make windows.
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    It’s made people think they’re more important than they really are.
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    God the UK government is a shit show right now.
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    Hopefully this can bring Remedy back to Max Payne level great.
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    Make way for me, Hermits delete my number, Im joining the SHEEP and coming HOME again TLHBO TCHBK THHBR Us Sheep always WIN ----> The cows' best childhood memory is now for Sheep. The Lemmings' entire existence is now for Switch. The hermits' best games are Ninty emulators "Never thought Id see the day" Quote of all Time bodycount just hit these systemwars.com with a ROYAL FLUSH, mods promote him
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    @Goukosan @Cookester15 @Alphonse Come in here and verify this. This one will be enforced. I'll see to it.
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