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    I'm still not even sure what HDR is and I don't care enough to look it up I'm not going to spend money on a new tv anyway.
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    this was my PC gaming chair from age 12-17.
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    Steam pushed PC gaming prices to the level of console gaming prices. Remember when a brand new, retail package PC game was $10 cheaper than the console version? On the flip side, Steam normalized the act of putting games on sale during certain points of the year, so this actually trained consumers to just not buy the game at full price and "wait for the Steam Sale" From Valve's perspective, they actually make more money from special "sales" because it increases the amount of purchases made on the steam store from consumers. Which means they get their cut. The increased amount of purchases more than offsets the lower purchase price. It makes no difference on Valve's back-end, because they still have to pay for the server space and bandwidth anyway. But from the developer's perspective, they're fucked. Unless their game is wicked hot and GoTY material, its not going to sell very fast at $60 at launch. That means PC users are waiting for it to go on sale. That means less money, and Valve is taking 30% on top of that. Valve had this coming.
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    Yeah, it’s great how it can be funny, violent, and even emotional. That scene was rough.
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    That's a lot of wasted shelf space for some empty boxes
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    Well he does get crucified on the regular, if that's what you're gettin' at.
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    Honestly, while it’s cool, shit like that will leave a pussy drier than the Sahara.
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    The joy-cons are just as worthless as the real thing.
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    can't blame them for marketing towards the majority of Americans
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    I get banned everywhere I go, I don't respond well to threats of being banned. Sorry.
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