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    "For Switch" Less watts than a lightbulb! It fits in your jnco Jean's pocket !
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    So does Switchs graphics and games but that's ok
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    The fact that it's only $50 cheaper means it won't sell because the reality is you can find the regular models on sale for that or less on the regular. This isn't going to become "the thing", it will at the most be an alternative.
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    Impressive port though! @Goukosan
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    im actually shocked that the yes option isn't winning.
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    pwease wook at us we gotz multi-pwat too now!1 400p, it's gud enuf
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    Morpheus has the role of the transgender elder, Cypher is the chaser—hate and shame-filled, he acts violently—and Agent Smith and Neo are flip coins of one another. They are both transgender, but Mr. Anderson becomes Neo while Agent Smith is unwilling to accept change and suppresses his true self. lmao
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    Good. Now that the Battle Royale games market has already been saturated maybe publishers/studios will start making real games.
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    Fight Club definitely critiques and made parody of masculinity - or at least what modern men think it is meant to be. It also celebrated masculinity in a lot of ways The Matrix was a story written by two transgender people about living in a world where you feel trapped in a body you don’t feel is real and being given the chance to wake up. The story wasn’t about transgenders but knowing about the background of the writers you can definitely see how their experience fed into one of the major themes of the movie
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    Its called Kingdom, and i really liked it as well. definitely worth a watch. edit: Black Summer just gets better and better. Im extremely impressed with this show.
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    Black Summer on netflix is really entertaining. Its like Walking Dead but without the filler and not boring af.
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    There has been and will only ever be one Lemming song
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    AssCreed 3 remake will be trash
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    I wouldn't even need to fake that for I already am
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