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    I created a Politics subforum due to half of this forum getting tired of all the politics threads. I know that some of you guys like to have everything in one place, so there's a workaround for this. First, you will have to change the homepage display mode. The first square is the style any classic forum uses. If you like your forums separate, this is the way to go. Third will give you everything in one place. It will look like the image below. The third one also allows you to limit the forums you want to view in the homepage. Just make sure to choose the correct forum when making a thread. Keep that politic shit out of the main System Wars forum.
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    This thread has run its course and is nothing but personal insults now. Gonna close it up. Feel free to make a new thread about the same issue (on the politics forum) and stick to the topic. Have a good night gents.
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    Thank you, @Alphonse. Sick of seeing that bullshit. This is a gaming forum first and foremost. Keep the Jerry-go-round, lefty sheep trash out of the main forum. No one wants to open up this forum seeing a bunch of rainbow faggotry being committed on a daily basis for attention. Want to talk about that shit, flaunt the rainbow or discuss LGBTQAUOUADNLSHDOIOSIDJLKAJ? Go to RetardEra.
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    I'm living fairly normal now . Normal enough to not marry a fat girl that kept her last name
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    I think some of these guys are disgusted that a girl they may like has some other guy's nut inside of her. Tarnished goods. For some reason its the FIRST thing that comes in their mind. Other guy's nut.
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    Of course not. It says right in the title it's a Shenmue game.
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    She's definitely going to kill at least one of them. Her whole becoming 'no one' thing is a perfect cover for the Night King not being able to detect an impending assassination of him/his dragon.
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    What'd you do? Pound the fetus to death?
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    i still find bran's "i'm waiting for an old friend" to be my favorite line in the episode. chilling as fuck when you realize who he was referring to.
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    The socialist government of China has a million people in concentration camps. And the Chinese government isn't uniquely totalitarian. Did you miss North Korea, Cuba, Pol Pot, the USSR, and all the others? And Venezuela is led by a socialist government. Dude you're able-bodied. No one should be forced to carry you. And for you to act self-righteous about it just makes you sound like a bitch. (Said with love.)
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    Yeah 100%. I still think this is the best direction for the show to go, Season 5 showed they really just don't have the chops to write a story with similar pacing to the first few seasons when they have no source material to go off of. So going the action route makes sense. You're probably right about the actors too.
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    Just look at the beauty of all those natural materials used in the video, it's all peace and serenity Our homes are filled with ugly plastics and filled with clutter we don't need, people whoring their souls out for a few likes on social media, more connected than ever yet more isolated than ever, supermarkets filled to the brim with food that can't even be called real food - turning people into lazy gluttonous pigs, degradation of the family unit replaced for degenerate selfish shit, cuck propaganda everywhere, relationships that mean nothing anymore as you swipe for your next catch, girls that must become boys boys that must become girls, people more than ever on anti-depressants and statistically unhappier than ever... We got it all wrong
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    Vs Hell yeah I choose option 2, I guess I must be a gay bitch right?? RIGHT?? we needz ta get da strong female protagonist in the men's franchises so the little girls get into the sciences and become engineers and scientists because now star wars markets to them!!! - Fat ex-woodstock hippie/ Bernie Voter whose brain has been rotted by PCP in the 1960's and doesn't believe in gender because they've been dicked down by other men in their youth one too many times BWAHAHAHA!
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    Xbox is all wrong everywhere
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    My wife kept her last name. I don't really care on that front as long as the kids get my last name, which they do.
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    This is like the biggest revelation moment in the game. When you learn that you are fighting the posture bar and not the health. They do such an amazing job of timing when that info is given to you though. They let you beat 2 bosses where the health tactic works while not being the most efficient. Then you get hit with Genichiro which initially feels like a giant step up in difficulty right up until that revelation clicks. Then the entire game changes. Pretty incredible design.
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    jimbo before and after can be used to make weed illegal worldwide
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