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    Let me reiterate that I'm fine with how it went down. But I get the complaints because it is more about how insignificant the 8 year build up was. All it resulted in was one battle and consequence wise, very little (Theon being the biggest casualty). I mean if anyone told you that the last time we actually see a WW in combat was Hardhome then there is no way you would've believed them and no way you would've been happy about that. More importantly though it is how minimal consequence these events have on the actual main plot of the Iron Throne. Cersei gets zero consequences from her decision to ignore the dead and is actually rewarded by it. As it stands the whole WW plot line for 8 seasons is a plot device to basically weaken 2 dragons and lessen Dany's army so she doesn't have the obvious victory against Cersei. It would have been much better if they lost the Winterfell battle and had to retreat down south to King's Landing. Cersei then arrogantly joyous because her enemies are defeated (she still doesn't believe the full threat of the WW) and in that ignorance then have an even larger dead army with the WW and the NK descend on King's Landing for the final battle against all 7 kingdoms, including the Golden Company army, the lannister army, the Iron Islands army, Euron, plus the survivors of winterfell. Then after they were victorious and in all the blood and death there still be the giant question of who rules the Iron Throne. We then get a true look into the characters. Has this battle changed anyone, have they seen that they need to unite or will their selfishness and the Iron Throne still be final goal, no matter the cost.
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    None of that really has anything to do with what I was saying or your initial claim that the only thing that's changed is less clever dialogue. I'm more than happy with the events of The Long Night and am going to reserve all judgement till the end. I have no problem with it becoming a spectacle, I'm loving it and it's a hella fun experience. But there quite clearly has been big drop in writing quality, especially when it comes to the characters. In fact since the end of S5 there really has only been a single GoT style deception/political style episode (the littlefinger ep at winterfell) which is what GoT was all originally about. There's nothing wrong with enjoying what the show is now and yet admitting it's dropped quality in other aspects.
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    Theon's redemption shows the flaw in 'Game of Thrones' https://www-m.cnn.com/2019/04/29/opinions/game-of-thrones-winterfell-theon-redemption-maltby/index.html?r=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cnn.com%2F What In the fucking horseshit is wrong with them? Oh bu bu theon had redemption where's a woman's redemption??
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    Only 5 days. The mod who did it must like me.
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    I, Captain Caucasity, would need all the Infinity Stones to even stand a chance.
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    Dumb and Nier Automata isn't even a system pushing game. It's just poorly optimized. It can be nicely done on the Switch
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    I 100% agree with your interpretation of those scenes. I think other ppl here have heavily misinterpreted some scenes and that in no way suggests that Arya used the face of a wight or a WW. The scenes in order though are telling you how she would do it (obviously not directly). The stealth scene in the rooms and the very specific blood dripping scene is to show her speed and quietness. We then get Beric who Melisandre said served his purpose in saving Arya. Then the scene with Melisandre and Arya is to tell Arya that SHE is the one meant to kill the WW, that it's her destiny. It has nothing to do with telling her to use the face of a wight or WW. When Arya realises that she stops her fight with the army of dead and decides to take on the role of killing the NK herself and she runs off (previously she was leaving that role to Jon and Dany as was the plan). From then on it was simply a decision of context vs surprise moment and the creators chose the surprise. They could have shown another scene to make it more believable but they gave more importance to the surprise, which many many shows do at the cost of a more clear logic. With that said I don't think it's crazy unbelievable. They established her speed and stealth, had the tiny scene of wind on the WW face and him noticing something but is too late. They were all fixated on Bran as the NK was fixated on Bran. Also the scene prior with Theon charging at the NK, it's not like any of the WWs or the legions of dead moved to stop Theon, they all let NK handle it cause he wasn't seen as a threat. So while it's not perfect it's more than good enough logically for me that it really doesn't bother me. But yes, there are very much better ways they could have done it, but it's hard to say until we see the end. I'm certain they wanted to keep Jon and Dany out of the NK battle because their 'moments' are yet to come in the show..... most likely against each other. I'm near certain one of the them will kill the other. So with these last few eps they need to give every character their individual moments and I think they didn't want a prior NK battle to take away from Arya's work.
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    I liked most of the episode.. but I simply don't like how they ended it. MAYBE they'll answer some shit in the next ep, so I'll hold off saying it's ruined lmao.. but still. I simply can't believe that they expect us to believe that Arya was interrogating Gendry about aspects of the WW's to learn how they move, act, smell, ect... presumably to "become" one at some point... and then during the battle, she fights some... then she's literally hiding for 10-15 minutes from them seemingly forgetting that she could mimic one... and then Melisandre simply reminds her that she can become one... No.. no fucking way. That scene with Melisandre was not to confirm to people that she COULD mimic a white walker... it was to confirm to Arya that she was the one who was meant to kill the Night King. She gave her the purpose to get to where Bran was so she could kill him. I stand by the fact that how they presented her flying in from behind out of nowhere was stupid as fuck. They should have done the scene way differently. I'm most certainly NOT against Arya killing the NK.. In fact, she's the right person to do it... but it would have been much better if for example, Jon would have made it to Bran and Theon.. as well as a couple of the others like Jamie, and then when the NK came, him and his generals had a battle with Jon, Theon, Jamie, and the rest as they fought to protect Bran. At some point we see Arya get there, then in the chaos, we lose track of her. Jamie and Theon die fighting the generals, Jon continues fighting with the NK until he's literally right beside Bran, Bran comes to.. Jon looks at him in a sorry way disappointed that he couldn't protect him.. Bran looks over, and just as the NK is ready to kill Jon, one of the generals comes up and stabs him from behind in the heart.. then with the camera centered on him, the NK shatters, and Arya is standing behind him like a fucking badass. /fanfic
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    And like every gen , you pay 1200 dollars for a video card to play xbox 1 games LOL PC graphics dont get better until consoles say so . Bow down to us , peonmit LOL
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    Yea, the big rings teleport you to the bonus stages.
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    xflop One was not a big upgrade and rather weak, base PS4 too even though it was better. This new gen will be a greater leap, we're leaving you Ditch boys far behind this time no more pity ports
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    Who the fuck do they think they are? Even if Half Life was exclusive to it (it wont be) lol
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    I think the dumbest part of this article is that it's not even waiting for the dust to settle to see where the chips fall. My initial reaction to seeing Davos run after her was, "Are you fucking shitting me? She played a huge part in defeating the White Walkers and you still want to execute her?" so I understand the issue with a lack of redemption for her. But the episode ends with no dialogue out of Davos. Maybe he was running after her to thank her or forgive her or whatever. We really won't know his thoughts (or a lack thereof) on it until the next episode because the episode literally ends on her walking out to die, which for some really silly reason is suggested in this article as her avoiding execution. Maybe she understood her part in all this was over and she was ready to finally die? She understood her role as a priestess of the Lord of Light and her faith was redeemed, but her purpose was over and she's like 400 years old. Fits a bit better considering she predicted her death the night before anyway. Still, isn't putting the entirety of her redemption on the opinion of a single man kind of just playing into what this is complaining about? Melisandre was a flawed character and the fucked up things she did decimated her belief system, but I'm not sure how you can view this episode as not a redemption arc for her or that characters on the show aren't thankful for her help. Like are we really expecting Arya to have a negative opinion on her? If Davos doesn't forgive her he's an idiot, but whether or not he does is irrelevant to her redemption.
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    these people are becoming more and more unhinged and dangerous and won't stop until every morsel of our media and passtimes bend to suit their will. We aren't allowed to have any representation at all, we can never be painted in a positive light or else it offends them to their core. Everything must revolve around their little fragile victim mentality. Buy Days Gone, people.
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    Movie looks in the realm of so bad it has a shot of being good. I’ll see it eventually stoned af and probably enjoy it.
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    Ugh. What a repulsive article. Why can't we just enjoy a story without pulling the sjw alarn?
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    Some of those plot lines are the best things still going. I think the show runners heavily undermined themselves by neglecting them. Euron is a great character in the books and nothing like the shitshow on TV Victarion is even better and one of the best new characters in the books. The Aegon plot line is compelling and could lead anywhere Stoneheart could go anywhere and again there is nothing like it on the show. Brienne is also properly fucked up. No heroic journey for her Tyrion is going through hell instead of 2 days in slavery before being made hand of the queen Lmao And yeah Stannis not flopping is huge too Not to mention that Mance Rayder is still alive
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    Does deenotard purposely set himself up to get ass raped?
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    Played through the first chapter, already off to a hell of a start. This one was made in unity and already has controller support (actually works really well with a pad) so it has a greater chance of coming to consoles than The Cat Lady.
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