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    Yeah pretty much. Every second with Jon was spent with him saying over and over how she is his queen. We all know what that means.
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    Personally I think that shit is hot as fuck.
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    No, he fucked that wildling girl for like an entire season, have you even watched this show lol?
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    Grey Worm vs. Jon would break my heart. I could see Grey Worm killing Varys for being a traitor, but from the audience's perspective Varys is a good guy so that would be putting Grey Worm on the wrong side of the fight. Grey Worm is loyal to a fault, so I could see it from that angle but it doesn't give him that revenge I think they'll give him. Grey Worm killing Euron is my new preferred method of dealing with Euron. I'd love to see that happen.
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    I think Jon is going to kill Dany. That doesn't necessarily rule him out from killing Dany and Cersei, but I think they'll spread the kills around. What I want to happen: - Dany kills Varys because he denounces her as the best ruler in favour of Jon - Euron gets most of his fleet destroyed by Drogon and decides to flee - Cersei hears of Euron's betrayal and decides to just blow up King's Landing - Jon kills Dany because she's just another tyrant - Jamie shows up and confesses he'd rather die with Cersei than live without her - Cersei believes it, but then Jamie kills her and prevents King's Landing from blowing up - Jon is given the throne, but doesn't want it and just goes back north where he gives Ghost some god damn fucking attention - They get rid of the Iron Throne and hold elections. With the majority of the vote, Omar becomes the new king and Game of Thrones is revealed to just be a teaser for an Omar-focused spin-off of The Wire
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    Because sheep don't care. They'll buy whatever third-party offerings they can get because they're so starved for games.
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    Jerry's such a hateful racist towards Christians that he's trying to whitewash genocide against them.
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    the secret to my success: roper boots and a raw pair of Levi's I'm scum, I know. But it's just too easy Thank You Calgary Stampede. Also still have Indoneasian girl to show me around as a free tour guide.
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    the germans are the absolute worst here, such scumbags, Had to regulate a little 5'2 Euroqueer who though he could kick my ass. listen Adolf, we kicked your ass in WWII and we'll do it again.
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    Japanese are ultra polite, they treat every customer like a king. Also, strangers are incredibly nice too. One time in Sapporo, I asked a stranger where some landmark was and this lady invited me to stay over at her place with her family for the night. It may seem creepy to go to a strangers place after a short 10 min conversation, but she seemed so genuine I couldnt refuse. They prepared a wealthy dinner and I had my own room to sleep in. It was mind-blowing how open they were to allow a random foreigner in their home haha
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    they seal up the manuals in the games so they don't get damaged these games are 'used' but japanese used is spotless. Who are these people
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    What if they intentionally did this like "New Coke"?
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