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    One could argue that this thread is in itself "baby mode"
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    Euron teleported from Dragonstone to King's Landing in the last episode, do you see anybody complaining about that? No? Right, because that's not what people are taking issue with. It's a show. There isn't enough screentime to have characters on their own while traveling, nor is there really much you can do with characters sailing for days or weeks on end going from A to B. The only time, that I recall at least, where travel time was something people took issue with was Jon and friends being stranded up north last season and the speed of their rescue. However, this isn't related to characters essentially teleporting from place to place because in those instances the time in-between doesn't matter. Teleporting is done because we can obviously just assume that time passed on an uneventful journey so there was no need to show it. The issue people had with Jon's rescue was that we actually had a situation where time mattered and initially it didn't seem like a raven could travel to Dragonstone in time, let alone Dany's return trip. Once somebody on reddit did the math and said it could be done in 3-5 days depending on in-world circumstances it wasn't really an issue anymore. Why would he? The show never has them meet prior to Arya being Tywin's cupbearer. Tywin is never made aware of Arya's escape from King's Landing, either. If there's any criticism of that section of the show it would be that Tywin hints at recognizing her as nobility in the north and is shown to be ruthless in his pursuit of victory, so why doesn't he even attempt to use her capture against the people he's fighting? For me, I don't think the nobility is overt (he calls her small for her size, which would imply improper nourishment and unexpected of nobility) and without anybody looking for her (the Starks think she's dead and Cersei doesn't want to tell Tywin that she lost a valuable hostage) there's little reason to invest too much into trying. He does still use Arya's knowledge of the north when he asks about their perception of Robb, though. They also let Sam live at one point, too. The white walkers are shown to be unforgiving and don't spare life, so these are really inconsistent scenes without any context that I may have missed. It shouldn't have melted at all, let alone in 10 seconds. The melting point of gold is in the 1500 degrees Fahrenheit range and there's no way whatever they're cooking in is getting that hot. Completely unprotected? They had most (all?) of their army there. It wasn't like Robb and Cateyln weren't skittish of the red wedding, but Walder had given them guest right and that's considered a big deal. The red wedding also doesn't happen without the Boltons betraying the Starks. Frey couldn't have done much alone, so pissing him off doesn't mean much if you trust the Boltons and it wasn't like the Boltons had done anything up to that point to cause concern. Ned didn't trust them, the Boltons were said to be ambitious, and Robb was scared of Roose, but the Boltons marched south behind Robb after the Lannisters killed Ned so it's pretty understandable to be blindsided by the whole thing. Now compare everything surrounding the red wedding to Dany showing up to the gates of King's Landing with her dragon on the ground and a couple dozen Unsullied in range of their defenses or Dany "forgetting" about Euron despite discussing his naval prowess in the previous fucking scene. Also, as if "forgetting" somehow negates how she didn't even fucking see this fleet of ships while on a god damn dragon on a scouting mission ffs. Mother fuckers are curving their spears like it's Wanted.
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    The frame rate is rarely at 30, hovers like 15-25, constant stutters some even lasting like 10+ seconds, and multiple instances of textures not loading preventing me from progressing main story stuff without having to fully close out of the app. This game is pure garbage in terms of optimization and the bike upgrades seem to make it substantially worse. Straight up the worst performing game i’ve played in a long while which is surprising coming from Sony first party. This shit has happened multiple times in the same exact area.
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    I agree there is no arc there because there is no story there, there is no depth. People wanted there to be more, they wanted a more satisfying ending to him as if he meant more. The god damn character was changed and no one even noticed or said anything but he's super important lol... Yikes
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    You said the show has given you no reason to believe he is conscious. LMAO. Show me a single scene with the NK where he is acting like a mindless zombie lol. He's had better tactics than Jon Snow and Dany in battles until the last scene with Arya. Who is talking about a Master Plan? We get the plan was always to invade the South and kill the living. No one is complaining that that was his plan. We are laughing at the dumbass defence that he was a red herring or just a mindless zombie, especially when the show did not originally hint that at all (The first fucking scene of the show is about the WWs, not even the Iron Throne). The show has also given us significant info to say he came from a very very important line of ppl (First Men) and enough info to learn he was created by the Children of the Forest and enough to know that the WWs led by him then turned on the Children of the Forest. The Long Night and it's preceding events are so significant it's getting it's very own show. It led to the creation of the wall. Then for a thousand years the NK and WWs have been building an army waiting for their time again. A thousand years, they didn't just mindlessly attack every winter. and here you are wanting to throw that all out and say it's irrelevant because you don't want anyone to criticise your precious show. Believe what you want, the show very clearly is now targeting ppl like you. 'omg subversion!! Shock! Surprise!' wow.
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    I'm near certain you are intentionally trolling at this point to get a high from Remij or myself cause you can't be that dumb, The show has never given the impression the NK is conscious fmd, I don't think we can continue from here. We are obviously watching different shows. You're talking like they've portrayed the WWs as wights
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    ya'llz need to get on that killing eve train. fantastic show!
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    and drive club sucked.
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    Yeah everyone seems to genuinely love it. I like the visuals, I think I'll give it a try.
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    Mario + Rabbids does not have any right to be as good as it actually is Its a challenging SRPG where the difficulty ramps up quickly and there is enough depth in the customization where you are constantly trying to make sick combos Even more surprising is that it is actually funny
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    Sheep didn't have a last generation so they're living it now
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    You know whenever somebody starts a statement with “it’s alarming”, “it’s concerning” or my favourite “it’s troubling” that they are definitely a cuck
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