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    yup, game of thrones has definitely become pure junk food entertainment/spectacle and nothing else. Theres little in this episode that made any logical sense.
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    Always whoever has the games. The big difference this time though seems to be that I'm going to have a lot more options of where I can get those games. Usually it would most likely be all 3 again but MS seems to be going to give me the option to play all their major games on PC again, which if they stick with it, I definitely will. Other than that nearly all my anticipated titles are Sony titles so I'll obvs be getting that. Nintendo is always a wait and see approach. Got the switch so unless I need something else for a specific game I won't be upgrading or anything.
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    Damn straight man! It’s why I went back to Odyssey.
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    Yeah, this game clearly had certain issues during development and the delays cause it to become outdated as the industry and the genre moved forward. As you said, ppl continually hate on Ubi but what they do year in year out with AC and that genre is amazing. The amount of open world games they've released since Days Gone was in development is astounding and the amount of changes, upgrades and evolutions they've done while releasing yearly or biyearly installments outweighs most series. Odyssey alone now has somehow set the standard for a game being able to be a technical masterpiece, 50+ in length, have great characters, good story and also be about player choice. All that on top of superb rpg mechanics, the best horse controls in a game to date, great combat (especially on hard) with a variety of weapons and variety in it's gameplay (stealth, melee combat, bow combat, sea combat, etc).
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    Finished Days Gone last night. Will prob be going for the plat now. Didn't have anywhere near as many issues as Soup did, especially technically. Absolutely none of that texture stuff, only framerate dips in specific areas on the map. The game itself is pretty much just going through the motions of what ppl expect from a big open world game, unfortunately it's the motions of a few years ago not a post RDR2, Odyssey, BotW world. Unlike soup I thought the story greatly improves in the final third of the game, it's still far from great but there are good characters (none of which are the main character, Deacon) that you eventually somewhat care about. The game itself is massive. Did not think this would be a 40-50 hour game, but it is and it's probably a detriment in this case. Takes too long to get going and too much unimportant stuff in between the important sections. One major take away is that after GoW and it's incredible one camera shot and fluid gameplay + cutscene and story telling, a game like this that has numerous longish load times in between major story beats and in the middle of missions is incredibly jarring now. It heavily took away from tension, suspense and momentum in nearly every occasion there was any. The biggest positive is by far the Hordes, with one in particular being a huge highlight. The horde fight during a story mission at the Sawmill is imo the best zombie esque battle/section in a zombie game to date. The environmental design of that specific location and the multiple routes and ability to use the environment to your advantage is what the game should've always been about. Seeing freakers flood from every corner, from the roofs, doors, bursting through broken wooden sheds, etc was amazing. Overall a 7/10 for me. Big advantage from coming out at a fairly quiet time cause eitherwise it would've been dropped in favour of something else as the first 10 hours or so are a slog.
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    Still sounds like it could be releasing tomorrow and it's 20 years old.
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    How, he's gonna be your fluffer?
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    This could harken back to the days of quality AA and AAA development not just for Microsoft but for the industry in general. Even though some of the studios Microsoft has picked up are not anything considered special or amazing from the sound of it they have freedom of control and creation which means we'll see a lot of really interesting games, risks, a host of variance not seen since the early 2000's. Nintendo is cookie cutter, Sony is cookie cutter, the AAA third party market is cookie cutter, they're all safe and predictable. I want to see Microsoft and Xbox Game Studios become the wildcard.
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    I had a Phenom X4 940 Black Edition which was a great CPU coupled with my two HD 4890's at the time and then a single HD 6870, but as soon as I Crossfired the 6870's the CPU bottleneck became exceedingly apparent and then I got a 2600k, been using it ever since.
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    The Spectator is left wing. ......
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    There's this one scene in Days Gone that is a perfect example of what the game is and everything wrong with it.
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    lol walking around in pictures... BEST GAME EBER!1 ROFL
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    They're cheating on their wives by fucking America, so it's only fair she gets some side action, too.
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    I feel like we need a Brexit thread so Angelfish's posts don't get lost in the clutter.
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