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    I love how Spencer is showing us his technique for blowing two cocks
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    Shut up breh.. you guys are insecure as FUCK. It's going to be unbearable listening to you moan about every PC thing they talk about RTX flopped... it's big dick right in your face. You were told to not buy the lowest end shit... you do it every time though
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    Will they go another generation without a AAAe?
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    Apparently they got 3 acquisitions
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    we don't play gay ass games.
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    You guys should definitely check out Bad Times at the El Royale now that it’s on HBO. One of my favorite movies of last year. It was written and directed by the same guy who made Cabin in the Woods. Stellar cast too with Jeff Bridges, Chris Hemsworth, and John Hamm.
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    I dug s5 of black mirror. Though I don't think the stories are quite that memorable this time around.
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    Barry season 2 has been captivating as hell. One more episode to go. I’m glad I waited to binge it because the weekly releases would’ve been killer.
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    well that's what I said. I like the paradigm shift, but thats all you do. switch mag - stagger - switch to phy - dps - switch to healer/buff/debuff if needed, it's ruined by just mashing the X button after you switch the paradigm. they should've added a pause function or slowmo effect and let us manually choose each action. there are a lot of tough fights but also cheap mechanics like death spell on your main character. the game just sucks tho, everything is dumbed down and it doesn't feel like game more like a final fantasy interactive graphics demo. press X
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