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    Well there's one way to get to 8 Million; curiosity, followed by disgust and remorse, followed by uninstallation.
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    Probably the switch from one of the most prolific shooter developers of all-time to a studio that only had shitty free-to-play games to its name.
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    Wasn't @Remij_ predicting a RDR2 reveal here?
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    Its fucking dope. I downloaded like 4 games, just today. And now I can play on Pc and Xbox. Its legit AF
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    That scene with Aeris in the city and then panning out to all of Midgar.
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    LMFAO Sony's got game of show without even showing up
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    So when’s the Super announcement radeon is fucking awful
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    Voidler switching to Roller Champions.
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    Oh lawd, is that the Bleeding Edge chick?
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    Yeah Watch Dogs looks like they're steadily building and finding their stride with what they want that franchise to be.
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    I like the John Wick style killing.
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    Finished Barry season 2. Even better than first and one the best shows on TV. Hader and Winkler will win emmys again for this show. 3 episodes in on Chernobyl and it’s amazing to watch. Easily one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever seen.
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    This thread aged well Holy shit I'm done for I'm lowering my expectations for everything from now on. Fuck this shit.
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    Y'all fucking harassing me because I didn't like the direction they were taking Gears. Look who was right again. Fucking Coalishit, lmao that lesbian was a dead giveaway they had no idea what they were doing.
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    I think its going to end up being the wrong move. A $500 Xbox that isn't as powerful as a $500 PS5 means that Microsoft easily loses next-gen. A $400 Xbox that is not as powerful as a $450-$500 PS5 means that Microsoft probably still loses next-gen. A $300 1080p Xbox that at least plays the same next-gen games as the $450-$500 PS5 might have a decent chance to compete early in the gen. I think top Microsoft execs decided "No, Phil.........we're sick and tired of manufacturing costs for hardware that isn't selling, pick one and that will the only one we will pay to manufacture." And Phil picked the only one that doesn't look embarrassing from a marketing standpoint.
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    The giantbomb guys all of them, unanimously, and within 2 seconds, agreed that they'd take the Death Stranding trailer over this entire conference. Sony did beat Microsoft at E3. Shit......... 50 seconds of grainy twitter video of Mark Cerny showing off PS5 load times was more in-depth next-gen hardware news than what MS showed. LOL
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    Wtf was that How do you mess up with no competition
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