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    Anybody admitting to buying this on Switch should be banned.
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    I’m pretty excited for this game. Hope Remedy can deliver.
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    Well I don't believe him.
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    Imagine playing this on a shitty toddler tablet
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    June- Mario Maker 2 July- Fire Emblem August- Astral Chain September- Link’s Awakening Damn son
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    I loved dog and duck
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    For me BOTW has the perfect art style for a Zelda game. This is so much better than the "realistic" Zelda games. It's essentially the perfect blend imo. BOTW2 looks incredible so far. I love the dark vibes. Nintendo has another masterpiece on their hands.
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    Your hot takes because they didn't show a port you wanted are hilarious 😂
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    You're cranky because they didn't show old metroid games?
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    GBA SP is still one the best designed pieces of hardware ever.
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    The gunblade trigger will be harder to pull off too. Not a big problem in both cases though, you can toggle speed increase with just a button.
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    Oh and I'm reminded of how freaking long it takes to summon GFs in FF8, and you are forced to watch the animation every single time. The speed increase would be a godsend.
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    I don't mind buying it again. Once you experience the 3x speed increase in FF7, you can't go back. Battles are just too slow without the speed increase.
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    This is definitely day 1 for me. I was skeptical Square could pull it off but the E3 showing blew away any doubt. Meanwhile I'll be getting FF8 Remaster.
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    Wow FF7 look absolutely phenomenal. The visuals, gameplay, music, characters in this trailer is fucking perfect, even the voice acting! Fucking hyped as the battle music ramps up. This reminded me how FF7 single handedly won the console war. I'm so glad I beat FF7 again recently so I can instantly relate to everything shown in the trailer. This really makes me hope that Square can make another FF as compelling FF7, they can't rely on it forever.
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    He shouldn't have said anything at all, except NO. These cucks trying to be everyones friend except to the xbox fans . Fuck MS
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    the game looks terrible. it's not dark at all.
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