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    Yeah, I hated Crypt of the Necrodancer because of the whole tempo thing. I was happy for the people that liked it, but it 100% wasn't for me. A traditional roguelike Zelda without the rhythm is so up my alley, though.
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    That whole tempo gimmick got old fast! It’s actually enjoyable, and still strategic, without having to always stay on beat.
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    I had no desire to give CoH a spin until this post.
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    The idea that someone could like Twin Snakes more than the original is so insulting to me. It just goes to show you that some people really don't deserve an opinion.
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    Looks fucking sexy. I hated the idea of a FF7 remake at first, and I'll probably still prefer the original afterward anyway but still. It looks pretty good.
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    Mah nigga. OG MGS: Tactical Espionage Action PS1 masterpiece brother. I salute you.
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    Terrible abomination of a game.
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    MK11 is the best fighter this gen, even better than KI
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    I disabled the rhythm aspect. It’s so much more enjoyable imo.
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    There's a second latino comedy show that just came out this week, and its also very funny. It stars that guy that played the super-gay character in Broad City, and apparently he also played a drug dealer in Narcos. (I'm not sure, I've yet to see it) the show is called Alternatino. Its a sketch comedy show like key & Peele, and they have some really good sketches in there. The uncensored version is in the Comedy Central app, and the first episode should be free without having to login.
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    I don't think you even remember when the last time u talked about an Xbox exclusive that was even a single A title.
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    Sekiro pretty much sucks honestly. Worst from game I've played. I got to the final boss and never finished it. I kept saying I started it so I might as well finish it, but once I got to the end I didn't have the interest to die a bunch of times to learn his patterns. the game has so many mind numbing issues that just make me wonder wtf were they thinking and how they thought this would be smart game design. The focus on parrys gets tiring quick. dmcv is indeed awesome though
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