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    The irony of a lemming making this thread
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    I'd say Nintendo online has these same codes of conduct policies but they don't even offer the features to communicate so it doesn't matter
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    Just be like, that's enough dear, that's where and how it ends...
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    Remij's go to shopping aisle.
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    Terrible abomination of a game.
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    For a guy who bitches about the left constantly, you sure do get easily triggered.
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    What cars look like in normal games What cars look like when developers get RTX
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    well, that's the case with a lot of tech. soft shadows and tessellation didn't seem to add a lot, at first. now, there's no turning back. right now, we are conditioned for more primitive graphics techniques. however, that will change. plus, it won't be such a resource hog (remember how soft shadows dropped f.e.a.r's performance by half?) it's just too new to be widely appreciated right now.
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    Stfu, Nintendo is the best. Wanna play online? Here is my friend code 0010-3545- TSHBFR
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    Bitch was my endorsement not good enough for you
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    No sense if offering two consoles weaker than PS5
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    In case anyone wondered how I've changed over the years. Pretty much one hamburger away from being fat.
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    You probably drove the performance version (P100D), that car has insane acceleration (or ludicrous actually). The Model S P100D is even quicker. I had a Model X 100D. It's definitely not slow, but it's nothing like the P. I was seriously considering getting the Model 3 Performance, but the P version has a bit lower range and doesn't have a tow hitch, both of which might come in handy, so I'm settling on a Model 3 Long Range AWD. It's already plenty fast as well. Tesla make cool cars, but sadly they're plagued with issues that could have been avoided with decent QA before shipment. Luckily I only had some minor issues with my X that were handled by a service senter.
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    K, I'm buying it now. I almost bought Rondo of Blood/SOTN bundle on PSN (already have the superior Dracula X Chronicles on PSP lol). But fuck that. MenstrualStain: Ritual of the Week it is. It's pretty expensive for what it is tho, imo.
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    the scary part is they've pretty much forced the entire xbox fanbase onto gamepass. It's literally a pillar of the console now. There's no sense in paying $60 a pop for new MS games... they're on HoboPass for $8. Every. Single. One. Not only will the physical disc market for xbox one games cannibalize itself, MS is forced to offer discounts on their games day one to entice buyers. This only leads to lower quality, lower budget releases. Why are they hiding Gears SP? We all know why, it's a tacked on POS and they don't believe in single player games.
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