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    I'll vouch for that. Even my XBONE phat 2013 model was better built than the pro. Hell, i had to source my HDMI cable from the Xbox One before I sold it because the Pro comes with a little nublet of an HDMI that didn't even reach from the console to my TV. Every single place sony could shave a nickel and dime, they've done it.
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    so japanese guys really still have Meg Ryan hairdos?
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    I used to have a girlfriend. Now I have One X.
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    Problem with MS was milking the crap out of Forza and not paying enough attention to their other exclusives.
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    Probably the same pile of garbage games that been on sales a million times
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    Im a couple of hours into Judgment. Its very much still a Yakuza game. And I know the comparisons have existed for a while now, but I think this one is actually closer to Shenmue than any of the others. There's a good amount of detective work in the form of examining parts of the environment for clues or gathering info by questioning witnesses and other bystanders that could be involved in the case you're working.
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