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    Looks embarrassing beyond all measure Honestly I'm not shocked in the least Sister Wars thinks this looks good.
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    She "will be visiting him one last time this weekend to tell him never to contact us [...] again",
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    My dick doesn't go up. How many IRL land whales have you rejected. I don't think I could fuck them if they paid me. Like pussy is pussy, right? Well. I can't I can't stand fat women. They are an eyesore.
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    There are a lot of muslims in Africa, I don't think they'll accept our pig offerings
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    All these new hollywood blockbuster and remakes are all forgettable trash. :D Better shut off your brain if you want to enjoy any of it. It's all garbage.
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    I like Rand on a personal level--I like Don Lemon on a personal level--but he's being an ass on this one. Hats off to John Stewart for approaching retirement with the dignity expected of an ex-president. He's doesn't dive into the partisan mud. He saves his voice for unifying issues that aren't getting enough attention.
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    Xbox should have a ton of value to you considering even the base system is better than your PC
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    Alan Wake was a great concept but poor design. I think a sequel could be really great. The first one was an EXCLUSIVE that made me want to buy a 360 just so I could play it. MS just doesn’t get it.
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    Even CM is easy to get through if you use the correct tools to tackle it. Confetti and snap seeds/firecrackers just destroy her. The game gives you such broken tools that it makes most of the encounters manageable in a relatively quick fashion. Hell, on my no bead run I punished the final boss to the point where he couldn't phase shift for so long that the game wouldn't let me DB him. 😂
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    I watched the video and I feel bad for this guy. He seems like a good person but has to deal with real shitty people because of his height. It's ridiculous tbh I know a guy whos his size and he never had a problem whatsoever, he has also a good sense of humour about it. He's in his late 40s too and no problem finding women. Idk I think america is pretty retarded like that. short or tall, fat or thin who gives a flying fuck. shit cracks me up tbh, we always make fun of mericans because they all crazy and stupid as shit. sjw, midget hate, orange president, man spreading, fedora wearing low lifes, you name it, it's all american invention
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