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    the gameplay was some of the worst shit i've experienced. i just ended up youtubing the rest of it
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    Doom on Ditch requires a Bethesda account to log in and has loading screens Loading screens, on Doom Music is fucked up as well
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    I just can't do R* games. Shitty pretentious crime drama storylines, shitty clunky gameplay and shooting mechanics, shitty point A to point B open world traversal.
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    you talk more about xbox than playing games what are you playing
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    Lots of little changes/additions in this game that im really not a fan of -Feels too much like a score attack shooter, all you see is XP indicators and level up notifications all over the place. Sometimes this feels more like Bulletstorm and not Wolfenstein. -They added giant health bars above enemies which can actually be incredibly distracting. And AFAIK theres no way to turn them off -Even if you play solo the typical online game rules are forced on you - which basically means you can't pause whether you're in game or watching cutscenes -Its more open ended, but not in a good way. Theres more open levels that you can travel around and theres side quests that take place in those areas. But all that does is hurt the pacing. In fact, the main story missions i have in my quest log all have skull icons where the level requirement usually is, this makes me think that im going to be forced to grind out the side missions and level up in order to be strong enough to continue the main story -The main characters are actually really annoying, and not even in a teenage girl type of way. Some of the dialogue is just plain bad. -There is a premium currency which is a bit hard to swallow. The in-game currency has allowed me to buy a bunch of weapon upgrades so i've still been progressing at a decent rate without running into any pay2win barriers. It was only $30 on PC, so its hard to be too tough on it, but i do hope this isn't indicative of the type of design they're going to continue iterating on. I'd prefer it if they just cut out the Open world/RPG fluff and made another awesome linear shooter that gets straight to the point.
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    Alan Wake isn’t even worth getting for free.
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    Steam sales have really gone downhill since back in the day.
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    Say it with me; Hit. After. Hit. how ridiculous is Switch physical collecting Look at this goddamned fire emblem CE. I think it's too big + high quality to keep. can probably sell it for double since they're all long gone. and i had this in my mail box to boot. Weekend commence
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    There's a retard mode now so you can finish the game at least. i tried twice, once on ps3 and then again on B/C on Xbox One, never could finish the game on normal.
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    I'd say it's more about the world-building and what can happen in that world. Some missions are just simple point a to b, but others really aren't. I just did a mission in GTA 3 where I rammed an armored car off the road repeatedly and then hijacked it while chased by police cars. It's that kinda movie-style atmosphere, where anything can happen, that's enjoyable. I never heard anyone accuse gta storytelling as "pretentious" though. The shooting mechanics are awful on PC though, I'll give you that one.
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    They did it this week for Moonlighter/This War of Mine and said it was because This War of Mine was M rated and they didn't want the free game to only be accessible to adults. For Honor is M rated so I'd assume same logic.
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    soon i will go pick up my limited edition
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    Cant even get locked 60fps on medium lol. GPU usage at 100%.
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    That mod is too bright. GTA 3 needs to be rainy, grey, and foggy always.
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    https://www.3dmark.com/fs/19011253 that’s the 28k score
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    This dude should be thrown into a snake pit with his wig and all. Apart from a creep, a liar, a sociopath and a potential child rapist, he's also racist apparently.
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    i watched a few more videos of that dude, it's quite enjoyable games i will never play so I appreciate the dude, he gets right to the point
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    We're vacuuming the ghosts of dead lemmings Astral Chain.... Platinum Nintendo Switch Exclusive
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