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    Yeah I don’t remember the last time I was this hooked on a game tbh. I’m still playing it every chance I get and when I’m not I’m thinking on what skills/supports I’m gonna level on my next day off. Im at 12 hours in and I’ve done a couple resets either to replay a level or a day off. working on getting Mercedes over to my house right now.
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    It's ridiculous to suggest violence in video games normalizes violence in real life because we as humans can differentiate between the virtual world and the real world. - Game journalists Using white phosporous in games normalizes war crimes IRL. - Also game journalists
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    Yeah , the first episode I was like ehhh... this is a corny high school low budget series. But then it got amazing , real fast.
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    Just get a slim or a cheap one. Pro is only needed if you have 4K.
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    No matter how small the amount is in you, if it's in you, you are it. That's why everyone's an asshole.
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    ok, fire emblem is crack. i snuck in an hour at work just now...just doing the side stuff.
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    I haven't seen any "serious issues". Deeno is right, sometimes DF is hyperbolic.
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    Appreciate it, because this is about as good as its ever going to get. DeNiro. Pacino. Pesci. Keitel. Scorsese.
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    Fuck man PS2 owns. I can still spend hours playing its games. Better than 90% of today's garbage. I really gotta get me one I'm basically gonna make my house look like this but in PS2 form:
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    Some Ethiopians, doing Ethiopian thangs. Probably minding their business, and drinking coffee out in the sun away from you savages. I know my timeline goes back to about at least 26 names. Fam used to make me recite it as a kid.
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