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    It hasn't happened yet. I'm reporting it in advance.
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    Does he fuck you or do you fuck him?
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    That explains the drastic drop in people complaining about their Xbox consoles breaking compared to last gen.
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    Nobody should be surprised by this, Motherfucker been posting trans porn since the old gamespot days.
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    He was also giving people advice here how to be "manly" and "alpha." Clown world, folks.
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    Too embarrassed for people to see his video games, fucks a man in dress pretending to be a woman instead
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    So you're desperate enough for a female in your life that you go with a guy impersonating a female due to psychological issues. Got it.
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    You're finally going for it, I'm happy for you Aza Just remember to properly dispose the body
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    Also, me entering this thread: Everyone else:
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    grab them while you can, going to sell out fast. Will officially be getting rid of my TV in honour of the Switch Lite launch. It's offical, TVs are completely defunct. Handheld gaming is the only way.
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    Someone (and now I can't find it) had posted this with the reference to the Right V Left regarding Epstein on Twitter earlier today and really summed it up well. It's not that the Clintons are to be excused, nor is Trump. It's that in these types of elite circles these folks all hang out together; and let's not forget Trump donated to dems until he ran as a Republican. Bottomline, these people fucking suck, and are up to some Yellow King, Carcosa type shit.
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    I'm sure the girls are going to be impressed. "Hey baby, let's watch a movie at your place tonight!" "Ok" *she comes over* "Uhh, where's your TV?" "Oh, I got rid of it because I got the Nintendo Switch Lite. No more need for it anymore" *Pulls a second chair up to his grandma's knitting desk with his Macbook sitting squarely on top*
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    I've had enough of being anchored to a hulking clunksole peripheral in bouts of PASSIVE ENTERTAINMENT. No more, the anchor has been broken and I'm setting sail off to greener pastures. More active lifestyle, more #ACTIVE-GAMING on the Switch. TV, begone!
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    Mods, please help this man, he's clearly trolling while intoxicated and it's rather sad; like Tara Reid on the red carpet.
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    You have a shit tv. That is why you sre getting rid of it.
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