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    It's just an extended version of the movie. Completely pointless
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    A tranny offers the best of both worlds They have tits and they walk around quietly
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    he is not wrong tho. they also never really close the lid on bottles
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    Then you clearly never played Hot Pursuit 2 on PS2.
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    lol what. you can clearly see her anger towards the dog how can they let that slide. RIP dog some ugly bitch youtuber can do what she wants but I bet if it was a black man he would've been shot at the doorstep
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    Yeah, I’m on 11. It’s my favorite switch game, and a potential GOTG for me (so far)
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    are you assuming the scale's gender?
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    It hasn't happened yet. I'm reporting it in advance.
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    According to her ex (long-distance relationship), she's a vegan who didn't shower for the entire week she was at her bf's house Youtube - and to a larger extent; social media is turning the worst of us into pseudo-celebrities.
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