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    Gs might not flop it since it focuses on the struggle of a transgender woman.
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    Astral Chain is quite good so far. Amazon shipped early and I've had it since Wednesday. I'm a few hours in, I really like the art direction, the techno music is great, the combat's simple but controlling two characters at once in combat is an interesting twist, and it has that Japanese charm to it. Also when you die, you have batteries that jolt you back to life, so it's looking like it's going to be another trip into Japanese android existentialism, but I'm always fine with that. This is the first time I've gotten into a game in ages.
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    First off doom eternal seems really good. The demo is from the beginning of the game but the few weapons available were fun to use and the dashing is a good addition. Now for the stadia experience, I have to say it was a bit disappointing. Doom had obvious resolution issues and the image quality just wasn’t there. The controls were definitely smooth and responsive, so technically speaking it probably still offering a the best streaming solution on the market, but there’s no chance that it’ll be a threat to consoles or any or other traditional gaming platform.
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    I think we've figured out the reason you're whiter than a ghost. You're afraid of going outside.
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    I'm really not sure how I feel about this. Doesn't look nearly as good as I was expecting tbh. Sure the full game will impress though.
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    Other quick thoughts -Nintendo keeps on killing it. They must have the most dedicated fans in the business, people were waiting for hours to play Luigi’s Mansion 3 and the link’s awakening remake. -played the medieval remake. Meh. Combat did not feel good and it seems unforgiving. I died near the end of the first level and it made me do it all over again. -played trials of mana. Seems alright, combat feels like a mashup of tales and star ocean. -The FF8 remaster looks sharp, including even the CG cutscenes - I didn’t win any swag 😒
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    Id risk hurricanes over a high of 6F in PA winters.
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    They took the Elizabeth Warren edition.
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    My favourite game is getting yet more content. The funny thing is that I was only ever a fan of the historical Total War titles; I didn't even know much of the Warhammer universe or its lore. The gist of this is that they continually release new content (~$10) every 4-6 mos. and the First game merges with the 2nd game to create one massive campaign - kind of like if you combined the worlds from Mass Effect 1 & 2 together when the 2nd one dropped; or whatever other analogy makes sense for you. NFL season starts, then a few days later, more Warhammer 2 content.
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    Look white to me. Did they find out they are .01% black on ancestry.com?
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    Your little PosC shilling got shut down quickly, aye?
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    The combat mechanics in Astral Chain after chapter 2
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    same i watched one trailer with sound off and for some reason reminded me of "the village" but after hereditary im sure it wont be a boring ass village movie
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    Watched the movie Midsommar as a huge fan of last years hereditary I felt compelled to watch this. Overall it was quite good, not as good as hereditary but I definitely enjoyed it. but man a lot of it just makes you feel downright uncomfortable. It's actually pretty tame with violence and gore for the most part, it's more disturbing in other ways. jordan peele was right when he said it had some of the most disturbing imagery he's seen in a horror movie. Some of it just made me wonder, they can do this an an R rated theatrical movie? And now I just read he plans on releasing the NC-17 version with 30 more mins that he had to cut to get the R rating. Lord Jesus
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    ?? wtf u talking about? aza even said himself he doesnt consider him a woman and true love wont be happening. he said he even pays for him and that hes disposable. its an experiment for him
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    Ewwww. Gonna have to reconsider my Ditch lite purchase.
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