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    Kojima's just getting us plebs ready to become an Amazon Prime delivery man; this is their delivery vehicle...
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    i tell you guys thats why i hate remaster/remakes. its all bullshit i will never buy a remaster I will play the originals
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    Steam type of refunds should be mandatory on all systems, enforced by law fuck these lazy scams
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    will never agree at all with that lol. subsequent entries do/will have better combat, but none of those games touch dmc1's dark gothic atmosphere/environment and lovingly crafted enemy design. i also dont care for how cringey and anime those games are in tone. i look at the current game and see some kylo ren mf in sandals, reading poetry in battle and all i can think is that series under itsuno has gotten so completely away from me that dmc is just a 1 game franchise to me. then again im a purist that prefer the first entries in a lot of series, that people swear have been surpassed. i actually do prefer demons souls over all other subsequent entries. same for mgs1, re1, dmc1, pokemon red/blue, etc.
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    I actually watched half of it. it was just weird... and boring
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    Yeah trues. But it's not really relevant anymore. 3 is better. 5 is better. I'd say even 4 is better. So while it had its moment it's been far surpassed by other entries it's like Wolfebstein > Doom SMT > Persona Demons souls > Dark souls etc
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    RE2 is legendary. lol Bayonetta 1 & 2 > DMC IV & V. I liked all Kamiya directed games that I've played, even Okami which gets a lot of hate here. The only game I never really got into was Viewtiful Joe, only played it for like 20 mins. No doubt it's great as well. What's remarkable about Kamiya is that he has never really made a bad game, everything he touches turns out great. You can't point out to anything and say ''that game was just terrible''. And he has made a lot of new IPs. I think he should just be left to do whatever the fuck he wants.
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    You, Cleo and a few others convinced me to get p4g. That game changed my view on gaming forever
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    I was going to post this meme on social meets this morning, but didn’t because I would be labeled a “fat shamer” (it’s happened before)
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    Finished Astral Chain last night and the decision to skip literally every side mission in the last chapter was the best decision I could've made. They do nothing but really weigh the game down. Bad "openworld" content isn't a new concept but there's just too much of it in this game, the only ones I enjoyed are the ones that ended in combat. Overall I still liked the game and recommend more people skip that filler since it's trash. I don't think I'll bother going back to S+ missions like I did w/ DMCV because of how side stuff impacts your overall score. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    So far I am not a fan of the open world sections. Seems like they are going to be broken off into seperate open world maps but they have really taken away from numerous positives that Act 1 had (Act 1 was pure old school Gears). The map is literally empty in between 'locations' where most are little arenas of enemies followed by an upgrade unlock. We'll see how the rest of it goes though. Still a very good game so far.
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    Still crazy just how often this happens, even on games from huge publishers. MS is even a whole new level regarding online capabilities and it still happens.
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    Me: Slowkosan, show me where you talk about games outside of relative success and sales? Slowkosan: Uh uh... go look at ReefsetEra, NeoGAF or SystemWars @ GS. They're talking about it, I swaerz!!!11 Me: No Slowkosan, show me here where you talk about games outside of relative success and sales? Slowkosan:
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    Holy fuck, what a steaming pile of SHIT -No analog controls (4 directions like the posc version) -No rumble -Worse framerate than PS1 (that messes up with battle QTEs) -Inconsistent graphic upgrades with the world map clearly looking worse -censorship on some reworked models -music bug that doesn't go away after reloading a file + cheats to speed the gameplay up 20 dollars please, thanks idiots!
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    True. Still, I love the meme, but I have co-workers on FB, and I don’t want to risk getting fired (they actually told us we can get fired for what we post on social media, even if it’s a joke)
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