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    The same iPhone 11 thats inferior to the Note 10 in speed and durability?
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    Note 10 is faster than iPhone 11 And has better durability than iPhone 11. Those are the facts. I'm sorry.
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    The animation/character models are leagues beyond anything MS has ever done.
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    LOL he's contradicting himself in his own post. That's novel.
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    And you play dumb to try and irritate my smart ass. Thread titles do directly suggest what you're voting about. Maybe logic is different in Germany. You guys were dumb enough to follow hitler and try to kill all the jews. It's 115-132 by the way.
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    Well all be dead before part 4 Even comes out
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    Oh............so we were supposed to know that you're subject actually contained you veering off into two different subjects, and we were supposed to clearly see that distinction and not inter-mingle the two?
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    Harris begging the RNG gods right now.
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    Yeah, I'm digging the "linearity" of it tbh. There's been a couple puzzles that feel like they're a product of the time/limitations of the Gameboy but otherwise it stands up incredibly well.
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    Phil is the master of business strategy Give $50 million budget to C-rate developer Release game for $2.50 Make $2.5 million lifetime revenue
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    Ghost is demanding to talk about Samsung phones. Well, that shouldn't be a surprise, I mean that is the subject of this thread: And I'm over here being an asshole for not talking about the Best phone in the world: Samsung Galaxy Notes. I'm sorry.
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    Sorry, they aren't...........especially if they can't make a video in less than 6 months LOLOLOL iPhone 11 lost in durability testing. And now we have acknowledgement from ghost that he's lost. Because he's: 1.) Talking about me, again 2.) Calling for backup, again.
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    The iPhones..........that close apps in the background because of their low RAM..........has better battery life. How exciting, what a hot feature about this iPhone launch...............the battery
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