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    Disgusting. I had already bought it, played it to completion, and enjoyed it thoroughly, but I will absolutely be demanding a refund now and instead putting that money towards developers that actually care about what's important: console exclusivity. Why would the developer do this? Do they not care about us? Do they not understand that this completely undermines their efforts in trying to make fun games for people to enjoy? How am I supposed to enjoy something knowing some 14 year old Lemming is going to get his Doritos covered fingers all over it months after I have played, beaten, and forgot about it? Does the developer not think about my satisfaction at knowing fewer people got to play a game I enjoyed? Fuck you, House House. Fuck you straight to hell you pieces of shit.
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    Saw Louie CK last night at his first day of pop up Toronto shows. Legendary night of comedy.
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    Ozymandias (season 5; ep 14 of breaking bad) is still the best hour of TV.
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    Remij is now admin. Congratulations
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    this is almost as sad as celebrating LinkedIn postings.
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    finished my re-watch of the breaking bad finale. soooo pumped for the movie.
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    Yeah the original was run of the mill at best. When Sony have had good mascot games like Jak, Sly, Ape Escape not being remade this game makes even less sense
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    Well here's the biggest question before we can even start, what's your financial, performance and resolution target?
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    the junkyard scene is gorgeous in a disturbing way. it also has some of the best sound design.
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    That carousel scene in the snow was fucking gorgeous looking.
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    holy shit! really? makes sense. it still packs a major gut punch, and is tense af (even when you know what's going to happen). i think The Shield's Family Meeting (series finale) is just inches behind it. it had one of the most fucked up scenes.
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    trash game gets trash remake. surprise.
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    Obviously a scam to trick Nintendo fans into buying this game. This garbage would never stand a chance without the aura of an exclusive.
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    You're literally proving my point. 2017 Yeah when you're not in charge you tow the company line dumbass. Since he became President of SIE (literally the highest position of all playstation divisions) he literally changed all that. Let's look at what he said in 2017 instead of what he's done (when he's had the power to do so) as recent as yesterday In fact everything he's done since power has been moving towards the MS style. Crossplay allowed, Deal with Azure, focusing on improving PS Now.
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    This place is like a gay soap opera
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