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    Tbh I’m already annoyed that my first play through of this was on the base PS4. I’m buying it again the next steam sale and experiencing the real version
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    They're just going to fuck up again. What's the point? Nintendo isn't actually fixing the problem.. as evidenced by their Joycon lite. If you spend $30 on some cheap shit.. you'll just waste your money. Just spend $60 on the Pro controller, and ditch the shitty joycons. You might have the odd d-pad fuck up with the pro controller.. but you wont have drifting analog issues.
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    I don't like the building aspect of fortnite but to say it's some terrible game is reaching . It looks nice and plays well and is one of the biggest games of all time for a reason . Get that money Epic, steal more games
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    https://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Controller-Adapter-Nintendo-Raspberry/dp/B07B7LMM52/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=ps4+controller+adapter+switch&qid=1571091139&sr=8-2 or get one of those adapters that coverts the signal so you can use a Dualshock 4 or XB1 controller
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    the Hori pad is probably your best bet. only $20 but it's wired only. https://stores.horiusa.com/horipad-blue-for-nintendo-switch/
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    I got a 8BITDO controller whenever I wanted to play classic games and arcade games on the Switch. Specifically this one: I think its compatible with both iOS and Android, along with Switch. The trick is that you have to press a series of buttons in order to do bluetooth signal for specific devices, and a different series of buttons in order to do connect via bluetooth on Switch, and once you do that, I think you have to press the power button on a certain of times so that it knows to power on as a Switch controller, or as an Android controller. The top should buttons are...........okay. The problem is that they made the top shoulder buttons be flush with that round design, so there's plastic getting in the way of your finger. And the top button feels a little too stiff and clicky, which isn't how the original SNES controller felt. Maybe this version might work better:
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    Just don't get a PowerA controller. Those things are trash.
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    Yooka Laylee is damn good...between that and Trine 4 its a great time to be a fan of 2D platformers/sidescrollers.
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    your joycons will never survive the campaign.
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    I don't really want to go on anymore about these games. IMO FH4 is the best overall looking racing game of all time. It's just stunning. GTS has better details in some areas..but falls leagues short in others. Their car models are top notch.. but I'm honestly more excited about the upcoming consoles and how GT and Forza will compare when they're released for those systems. Ray traced reflections and shadows/AO incoming.
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    We just need to sacrifice Tom Brady in the Super Bowl and the full ritual will be complete.
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    49ers still haven't beaten a good team.
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    No, of course he's not going to say. Still though.. I think he gives a good hint as to why she left.. It seems like she wanted to work with her friend.. who likely got her the job there. (turns out he's the founder, so he probably poached her) Mary joining Josh Holmes at Midwinter is nothing short of exciting news for me, because I’m eager to give Scavengers another go soon (I played it at E3 and thoroughly enjoyed it). Lots of devs make moves to go to more independent studios later in their careers. The timing sucks... but she probably left knowing that there were capable people. It's obviously not a good look.. but it's only that way because people on the internet have no idea what really goes on.
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    it was pretty good. also cements batman as a completely unlikable super hero. fuck that rich prick and his shitty parents.
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    lol perfect ending to the cowboys game, hope they had a camera on jerry jones when that happened.
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