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    Yeah I tried playing the Witcher 3 on the switch.
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    I took a hike earlier since it was such a gorgeous day in the PNW.
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    https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?hmb_source=navbar These are honestly some of the best deals in gaming. Last month was crazy with Crash Trilogy, Spyro Reignited Trilogy, COD:WW2, and Shenmue 1+2.. plus some smaller titles that even looked interesting. You usually get 8-10 titles in all. Humble
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    Really don't have the patience for gaming yet. Dq11 Japanese has been set up for a couple days tho. Hoping to sink my teeth into it and get addicted soon. Work all night tho.
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    The fuck bro are you her nephew or something? She's never ever said anything nuanced or perceptive in the whole campaign. Can you even give me a single policy of hers that stands out? Yang is untouchable by Trump he will look like a babbling baboon next to Yang he's not gonna bully him around like he does with politicians. Yang is the entrepreneur that Trump pretends he is. Yang is already picking off from Trump's base. Consrvatives love UBI because it's libertarian and gets rid of the welfare state. Liberals love it because it gets rid of poverty. It's a non ideological solution to unsustainable levels of income inequality there's nothing insane about it.
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    Lol you are an idiot though. Miracle you made it this far.
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    He said treehouse... which I'm guessing is 30? tree(three?) I dunno lmao But happy birthday dude!
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    Happy Birthday. How old?
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    Got it in on Thursday.... playing the game the cut scenes look like CG.... but apparently it's the in game engine Games built from the ground up specifically for Switch..around its strengths can look great.
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    Mavericks messed up at the end, they had a foul to give on that final play in regulation. They should've stopped them with about 1-2 seconds left, and they would've won it. After the Lakers tied it, the Mavs were deflated, along with the possibility that Luka looks like he may have had a concussion. He was nursing the back of my head for a long time. The Luka + Porzingus duo is starting to turn heads. Especially since Porzingis isn't close to 100% yet. They are only going to get better the longer they work together. They're exciting.
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    What a game tonight by the Lakers. That Lebron to AD connection is going to be fun to watch all season. I’m happy Kuzma is back too.
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    Dyno fighting a war at Neogaf This is also him at GAF: Translating mundane real life annoyances to a video game is in my opinion nonsensical. Tedium for the sake of tedium in a video game is stupid, it's not fun, it doesn't better grasp this science fiction world in some kind of reality. It does nothing but to serve as an obtrusive mechanic which could otherwise be removed and still have the same end result His fav game last year?...........RDR2 where he praised it for those exact things
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    i'm using my 6800gt to get RTX. i get one frame an hour.
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    I fell asleep towards the end of the third but the Clippers definitely looked better and more fun to watch as opposed to Lebron dribbling for 15 seconds then feeding AD in the post. Maybe Kuzma will help a bit. Dwight Howard looked terrible. Kawhi though. I could watch him pull up midrange all day.
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    The only thing that's been delivered are your tears.
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