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    The rules should apply evenly to everyone, if your income is reliant on not getting banned one could say that you above anyone else shouldn't do it.
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    Wow it's as if communistic authoritarian government is bad yet all the lunatic lefties vie for us to follow in the footsteps of those which lead to these kind of results.
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    Kojima is so up his ass that he think he can create a mail delivery simulator with "teh physics" and be an instant masterpiece.
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    I had just beat the museum level on Luigi's Mansion 3. Boss was fun and that intro with the lightning was pretty impressive. I was about to start the B2 level before I had to work. Been very enjoyable and it really is the best looking Switch game yet.
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    You are such a dumb dweeb. That actually looks cool. The graphics are great. The physics are cool. And it's cool and unique as fuck you gotta pay attention to terrain and traverse.
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    2019 Xcludeds: Final fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers - 91 Dragon Quest builders 2 - 86 Stein's Gate;Elite - 86 Ni No Kuni Remastered - 86 MLB The Show 19 - 86 VallHalla Cyberpunk Bartender - 84 Sayonara Wild Hearts - 84 Death Stranding - 83 Trails of Cold Steel 3 - 83 Sairento VR - 82 The Messenger - 82 Catherine: Full Body - 81 Blood and Truth - 80 Ghost Giant - 80 Judgement - 80 ... Concrete Genie - 75 everybody's Golf VR - 72 days Gone - 71 mediEval - 67 2019 not on ps4: Gays5 - 84 ... Void Bastards - 75 Crackhead 3 - 60 congrats I guess.
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    Nioh easily has better combat than any soulsborne game.
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    you can do that by removing the blatant shit. You see, there are people who would love nothing more than for us to get tired and stop caring and just allow the shit to be all around you. Can't let that happen, because that's how they win, and that how things actually end up getting shittier.
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    Alamo Drafthouse in my area has been promoting the shit out of it through web ads in my social media and email newsletters. They seem to have it as an exclusive. I might watch it on a $5 Tuesday.
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    I watched parasite. I really enjoyed it. I recommend you all see it knowing nothing about It, other than the fact it’s Korean with English subtitles.
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    Lemmings furiously hitting F5 on metacritic to prove a (future) multiplat scored the same as their cherished franchise,
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    omfg last night was awful had to call an Uber to pick me up - it was that bad.
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    Sorry that happened to you brotha. If it's any solace, they literally all are like that. All. Lmfao.
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    Baden's whole argument is that the hyoid bone being fractured is proof of homicidal strangulation, but a number of medical experts have said that it can be fractured in suicidal hangings as well, especially in older victims. The autopsy happened three months ago, it wouldn't take the guy hired by Epstein's family to make a big deal out of this if Baden's statement that he had never seen it during his 50 years as a medical examiner had any truth behind it. So what's more likely: the guy who was on suicide watch for trying to commit suicide succeeded his second time around, or he was murdered and the only evidence of it is an inconclusive fracture with no additional signs of struggle while numerous people are involved in the cover up?
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    what if... he is a fraud a little japanese man tricking everyone into thinking he could make great games like mgs 1-3 and zoe 1-2 but will go down in history as the "guy who made the delivery game with the walking dead guy"
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    Yeah but we gave so much crap to Konami for MGSV. We thought it was Konami's decision to rush the game with the vast open worlds full of nothing but in the end, it was Kojima's decision to do that.
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    most of this stuff was gay as hell, lmao @ chad warden though
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    Just fucking touch them and tell them you want them!
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    Traveling makes that easier. You have nothing to lose in the moment. Keep plugging tho man. You can only get better. I'll be back in your shoes soon. Really not looking forward to it. Maybe I'll find some hoot soon but fuck being single tbh. Don't be so hard on yourself either. I agree it takes too much work for a guy. But it is what it is. Find your sense of what's fun when you go out. A girl has to be worthy of you too. Don't be do all about what they need.
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    I've started traveling by myself. I think its great for self improvement (from a social standpoint) as you force yourself out of your comfort zone and you end up meeting a lot of cool new people. That said, its tough to actually escalate to any level of intimacy at least from my experience. I still suck with women though so im sure thats the reason.
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