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    I'd ask why you wouldnt post your yt channel but I understand why you wouldnt . Some irl freaks here LOL
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    I got 5. May get a 6th if I feel cute later.
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    4 people said that Zelda Link Between Worlds was their top game 4 people said that The Last of Us was their top game And the only other game that was mentioned more than once was Super Mario 3D World. I don't think I need to make a poll, its Zelda LBW and TLOU that move onto the All-Decade list.
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    Now I know where I've seen that before.
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    Here's the thing, it's not my say on what a full adult woman does with her body is right or wrong, it's God's. This gets overlooked, or completely lost on people who like to bury themselves in this debate.
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    It'd almost be worth getting it just to wear this outfit when I take it to the grocery store.
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    What have you done Elon? These are going to everywhere in the Bay Area. My neighborhood is going to look like a set from that 1980s V miniseries. Eh I'm okay with that.
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    They forgot to add a few polygons
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    I kinda hate it but it also looks what a teenage me would have imagined a future car to look like . So that, makes me kinda like it . I wonder how towing affects the range
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    I just found out that you can buy healing items to use in combat, so ill just have to cheese my way through these encounters. It doesn't help that the combat tutorial is nonexistent. The screen below is all they tell you, its actually kind of funny how vague it is 'just hit the buttons and stuff'
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    It's not like his feelings shouldn't be considered, but ultimately it's her body so it should be her choice. Very much a 51%/49% kind of situation. I think all of the pro-choice men in this thread can sympathize with the man in that scenario and maybe some day artificial wombs can give us that option, but I'm not sure what you're expecting to get out of these hypotheticals that don't challenge 'her body, her choice.'
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    3. Suck your peepee in Japan. 1. Be happy with my woman or dating life move on knowing I grew to a stronger man 2. Legally enter Japan and not worry about finding work 4. ??? Enjoy age 34. I'm still young. Skies the limit. Get paid to write or be creative. Slew some hot hos. Learn more about social life.
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    - find serious business/animation partners -getting into a new relationship -reaching 1mill subs on YT (about half way to go) -get back to game dev. for a bit
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    Design my own game. Ive made a vr game for a company but they scrapped it so Im making some cheap app at the moment. Lot has went on and game design was put i to the back burner. went from graphic design to videographer to motion graphic designer, and even music producer(had a beat on itunes for a minute). Then got hired by a company as a “3d design specialist”. But I havent done anything out of love for a good minute. Like having my own pet project. learned Unity/Zbrush/maya and even a bit of houdini. It’s time I fulfill my childhood dream. Successful or not, I just wanna complete something and out it out there. im in a better spot than Ive been before, but it feels empty if I just let go of what I dreamed of doing before.
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    Anyway heres my list: - Travel more (Also eyeing somewhere in Asia like Japan) - Go harder on my parkour training, including overcoming the fear of doing flips - Improve my UE4 knowledge and try to finally build something in it (even if its just a shitty prototype) - Maybe finally get a girlfriend (:ben:)
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    Quit smoking 100 percent. Have a more healthy lifestyle Stop posting on game forums Buy a 911
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    Yeah, as bhytre has said theres bitchute, but its nowhere near as good at making a living as Youtube. I dont think theres evena single channel that has a mill subs. Its very small. But yeah, I could always get back to freelance, but thats gonna be a very bitter ride, as I will prolly lose all the creative freedom in the process, and will have to make some stupid ads for some soulless company. Dark times ahoy
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