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    If jerry worked as hard irl as he did on SW maybe he wouldnt have to live with his brother
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    No I wouldn't have agreed with you... because you were wrong. I called it soooooo long ago
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    Xbox numba 1 driveby
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    Hello, Post your artwork here. I want to keep up with SW artists. I remember blinddesigns and clearacell were big photoshoppers but I think this thread is just for artwork. Artworks can be digital or fine art. I'm going to post my fine art. tzadik Japanese Garden Girl With an Umbrella Recreation Unity Keynes
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    "Maybe if we get on board with the idea now when it's in full swing in the future we can manipulate the conversation to say we knew it would be like this all along"
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    I love it 1 year ago... NEVER happening not in a million years Today... It makes perfect sense. Yea I was thinking that too
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    How did you miss the opportunity to call it Samurai Slowdown
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    Jerry is saying a true fanboy only discusses their platform of choice , yets talks about literally everything except playing Ditch games This bozo cant keep his convos straight for shit LOL .
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    that is not a person's face, that is a chernobyl mutant
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    I just finished it. The finale was nuts, the next season is going to be crazy.
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    No you suck xbox cock hard and hype it as the second coming, then nintendo shits out a new piece of hardware or mario game and you’re ripping on xbox and saying Nintendo is the future, then out comes a new gpu and you’re saying how bad and worthless consoles are. You fanboy for each shiny new thing. You nuthug one company and hate on the others
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    Yeah it does look great, it shocked me at first but the more I saw it the more it grew on me. I looked at everything and the consoles total volume is more than an Xbox One X and less than a PlayStation 4 Pro, so it's most certainly not huge.
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    The ironic thing is it'll be best on PS4, just like it was on release... When lemmings claimed it wouldn't be Pro enhanced. Which resulted in CrynamiteCop bitching at the developer for parity.
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    Looks like I win.. badbye Run Jerry Run
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    So nobody going to talk about that female Rikishi shaking her Rikishi rump at the Lakers game?
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    My new boyfriend putting his hand on my nipple
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    They'd probably beat you up too and you're an adult (on paper at least)
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    until it comes there's nothing to discuss here, except for your rampant PORT-BEGGING BEHAVIOUR.
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    i remember a time where you had one console for the entire gen. is this an xbox pc? xbox one, series x PC, xbox one x? i dont get it, microsoft just keeps failing, nobody needs that shit
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    Poor kid didn't realize that you can only edge-lord IRL when surrounded by other sad pathetic edge-lords. You don't actually do it in front of real people on real streets. LOL, embittered people in this thread are trying to make themselves feel better by trying to talk about chimps again.
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    At the awards. Singer I was named after. AfS8JESqq2o
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    In this acceptance speech for the Fresh Indie Game Award, Helen Hendepere said that the team would like to thank “some of the great people that came before us.” The people they shouted out included the architects of communist thought, Marx and Engels, as well as Russian painter Vladimir Makovsky, and Viktor Tsoi, a Soviet singer and songwriter.
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    Are you changing your name to Team 2020 in the new year, dear?
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