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    Thread was probably made before, but I'm going to update this thread as the new games are announced as a way to make sure people hear about and get their free game. Dec 19th - Into the Breach Dec 20th - Towerfall Ascension Dec 21st - Superhot Dec 22nd - Little Inferno Dec 23rd's game teaser is this:
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    Remipee tears are currently forming clouds, better get that umbrella ready
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    So, we got it for the family Xmas party. We calibrated It for an 18 year-old male, and set it to max resistance (since the first kid to play it is an athlete). Some of the campaign actually left him drenched. I took a stab at some of the shoulder/chest/squat mini games, and that shit was actually fun, and even tiring. The paragliding mini-game is crack. We all kept trying to top the others’ scores. While it won’t replace a weight training regimen, you will burn calories and even get some mild conditioning. Best of all, it’s fun as fuck with family or friends.
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    yeah, max resistance + one of the higher difficulty levels = a surprisingly intense workout. The ring works well and doesn't feel cheaply made either. I haven't tried any of the mini games yet though.
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    Last weekend. Regal theatre near me had a showing for Regal Unlimited members. I'll fucking fight anybody that doesn't nominate Sandler for best actor.
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    yeah this thread was needed. i ended up missing towerfall.
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    I don't care about specs but games. Remember the One X? Hell of a console, sleek, powerful and silent. Oh and everything that you can play on the other console.
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    The United States now has two presidents impeached for embarrassing Hillary Clinton
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    I've not seen that many films this year but Joker stands out for sure.
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    It doesn't matter at this point... the machines are going to be beastly. We can safely assume it's 12TF RDNA1 at the very least. Given that, and the fact that the 5700XT is around 9.75TF.. these consoles will be around 3TF faster than the 5700XT. Given that a 5700XT is around 2070 Super performance.. we can safely assume that these consoles will be around 2080 - 2080 Super in performance levels. Some people seem to have a hard time believing, or accepting, that you're going to be getting this power in a $500 or so console.. but you've got to remember that Nvidia has been gouging the market for a while because they've been uncontested. This is also coming a year from now, and Nvidia's 20 series will already be 2 years old at that point. Nvidia and AMD will be releasing new cards around mid 2020 which will firmly put them a level higher.. and they will lower prices overall for 2 reasons. One will be that the consoles would make PCs look really bad value wise if not... and the fact that AMD will actually be competing in all markets from low all the way up to enthusiast. You're still going to have the $1000 tier Nvidia card... but it will be absurdly powerful. At that point, next gen consoles will be around mid-range parts like the 2080/Super and the 3070. Anyway, this is a good thing. We need a higher baseline for next gen. I was honestly expecting 5700XT/2070 super level of performance.. but it seems they've decided to push higher and make bigger consoles designed around better cooling. This shit is gonna be so fucking crazy
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    Its great, definitely interested in hearing what you think of it.
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    Just finished The Witcher. I definitely have conflicting thoughts on it. As a fan of the games, its great seeing a live action version of this universe and the story does have its fair share of great moments. That said the storytelling in general is messy, and the way they handle the character arcs and those timelines makes the show feel disjointed. As a whole Yennefer's arc is by far the best developed, and I enjoyed her character more than any of the others (also the actress is damn hot). Ciri on the other hand is the weakest character in the show. Her story goes absolutely nowhere until the end, and as a whole shes just weak, naive, and just plain stupid at times. I realize that this is her origin story and technically it also exists separately from the games, but I still can't help but be disappointed at how inferior this portrayal of her character is compared to how she is in Witcher 3. I do think Henry Cavill does do a good job as Geralt, and his storyline is decent overall even if the structure of it has the same problems as the others. And as already mentioned the swordfighting scenes and action in general is pretty good, though the CG and special effects are a mixed bag. Some stuff looks good but there are parts that are completely cheap and awful looking. So yeah, im sure ill have more thoughts about it but in general its a decent start. After seeing where things go in the finale theres no way season 2 won't be an improvement, so im definitely looking forward to it. My verdict: 7/10
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