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    I'm white and I don't have to try at all, if blacks and yellows won't show up or have other plans so be it, always got my KKK hoodies ready just in case.
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    What does any of that have to do with this thread? What are you even basing any of that off of? There's nothing that indicates that this has or will have anything to do with Nintendo or the Switch. Literally nothing at all. You're basically trying to take one thing... and combine it with another... to create their narrative that Nintendo is somehow going to benefit from this rumor... LOL
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    Why do you think that? Where is your evidence? How do they correlate? You're speculating off nothing! Oh so you're creating a narrative from nothing!
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    Nah, we just have to open up the forum everyday and look at your threads.
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    Remember when Don Mattick was asked "where are the games" at the Xbox One's E3 conference. Don Mattrick said "if you want games, get an xbox 360" And that was it for the Xbox One. DOA.
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    I wish I was there so we could have had interspecies sex
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    Ok sugar tits
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    'Amber Lamps', which was unto itself a whole meme, including even altering the song Black Betty, by Ram Jam.
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    Lol the whites have to try so hard to not appear racist. Meanwhile I can be racist as fuck. The whites have given full permission for us darkies to be bigoted ass twats
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    It’s true. I have like 20 of them
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    GD's sleevles shirt collection rivals Mac from Sunny lol
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    Bro, spend $50 during their winter sale and you get a $5 coupon. How is that not insanely generous?
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    If you and your brother took both sets of your balls you wouldn't be able to direct quote me Jerry Dice Gay
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    We’re equally apart in time from 2050 as we are from 1990.
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    I think Don was on Sonys payroll lol
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    https://www.vg247.com/2020/01/02/amd-navi-leak-ps5-xbox-series-x-performance-targets/ Leak at AMD. This was always obvious though. Sony is stuck with the lower price point.
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