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    wow......so vini is so stupid, and when presented with his stupidity, he invents another excuse which continues the stupidity.
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    They're also the same people that were ragging on MS releasing a new Xbox One X console and saying that MS would be forcing them to buy yet ANOTHER $500 in the very near future... and now we have MS confirming that they are going to continue to support X1X and XO owners for a year or so after the launch of the Series X... They're damned if they do and damned if they don't.
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    That is pretty intense. Intense in how your dream just plays out like a story. My dreams are sort of just random. One minute I'm having an issue with a particular life vent, next thing I know i'm just chilling in the living room with shrek and my uncle...
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    As a note to the dream, I had just drank an 18 pack of beer and killed a half gallon of vodka with a friend; so maybe I was actually dying but pulled through it.
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    Okay here goes. My friend Blake and I were driving down this hill in our town that leads to this bridge about 75 feet above the river, on the way over the crest of the hill this big ass lifted truck comes barreling into our lane passing another car. As a result of this we spin out of control trying to avoid it, crash through the barrier on the bridge and then go over, everything goes black. Everything comes back and next thing I know I'm standing in the river totally confused, I look around and as I begin to turn I see someone else standing in the river facing away from me next to the truck which is upside down in the water so I slowly walk over. As I'm walking over I notice some strange hand movements, the closer I get I begin to realize the person I am looking at is myself. I walk closer and look at what the other me is doing with my hands and see that there is a tiny me held in my left hand which this other me standing in the river is furiously giving chest compressions to with the tip of his finger, everything goes black again. Next thing I know I'm in some decrepit old house which looks like it was filled with strange color lighting, blues, reds, purples and so on, pentagrams, there's old turn of the century rugs, old drapes over the windows, the paint is peeling off the walls, the floor boards were aged and uneven and it seems like it was a house decorated by witches or gypsies. As I'm carefully walking through the house I see this very old woman sitting in a beat up old chair in the corner, she kind of looked like a babushka with a veil over her head. I walk up to her and kneel down and she just sits there rocking back and forth. I ask her "What is going on? Where am I?" and she slowly replies with "You didn't survive"... I start panicking and run outside trying to get away from this place and all I see is a blanket of fog covering everything, nothing can be made out except for the house behind me. The next thing I know I hear a car and desperately start running in the direction of the noise, as I get closer and closer I start screaming "Wait! Wait!" and before I know it I come through the other end of the fog and notice the car pulls into the driveway of the same house I just ran away from. I look in the car and see my friend Tristen sitting in the front seat and somehow I end up in the passenger seat sitting in the driveway. I keep trying over and over again to get his attention and nothing is working, he's just sitting there oblivious to my presence, and then I finally scream in total panic and as if he distantly heard me he starts looking around completely confused. Everything goes black a third time. When I come to again I am standing in front of an old looking small church with a steeple that looks like something out of a Tim Burton film. It's the middle of the night, a clear sky, full moon and there's fog lining the ground with what looks to be a cemetary next to it. I venture through the fog and come to the back of church which leads up to a hill with a single bent and twisted looking tree at the top of the cliff face with a small lantern lit light post next to it. I get up to the top of the hill and examine the tree, then the lamp post and hear something moving behind me. When I turn around the most terrifying incarnation of the Grim Reaper imaginable is standing there with a glistening scythe, black smoke pouring from the openings in his cloak and an opening to his hood which looked like nothing but total darkness. I sit there and stare at him for a minute completely frozen in fear and then he slowly says "It's time to go", he grabs me and starts dragging me to the cemetary down the hill as I scream completely powerless against his grip. When we get there the ground begins to loosen, he slowly starts sinking into the Earth pulling me along with him. I can't get a grip on anything, nothing I can do can stop what's taking place and with one final gasp I scream again as I'm pulled into the ground. I wake up. That's all I can remember to make it somewhat cohesive, there's more details but I can't align them properly.
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    Watching the british crime drama Giri / Haji on Netflix. Came out of nowhere but its actually really interesting if the first 2 episodes are anything to go by
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    I'm frankly getting sick of you idiots concern trolling, the only people who seem to have some issue with this are ones who don't actually care one way or the other regardless. You're drama queens trying to make the non-problematic seem problematic, your smoke screen is quite transparent.
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    We'll see. I'm obviously doing the same.. since I don't really have to do anything. I really do believe though that Halo Infinite on Series X will blow away the XO version and will make people want to upgrade. Especially those on the original Xbox One. If they release it and it's visually very similar.. I'll admit they fucked up and should have done more. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt here.. maybe when I shouldn't.. but I think Phil's got the right idea here for MS.
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    I don't know, bro. Publishers have been skimping lately. Unfishined games have become a common thing, knowing they can pash the problems away. I can't trust these fools to do all you just wrote.
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    Keep begging for it bitch... it's only happening because Nvidia pushed it... much like Gsync/freesync VRR, VRS, ect ect... You're all over the place. One min you say it flopped... then you're defending your shitty RTX 2060 saying it's fine at RT... then you're jumping on the console dick saying that it doesn't matter at all and it's not worth it... then you're laughing saying that everyone wants it... blah blah blah... You're the same way with PC and PS... I'll never buy a PS5, the best versions of all Sony's games will be on PC! Then I argue with you about PC and you say I wont upgrade my PC next gen... and that you'd rather buy a PS5 then someone else says something about PS vs Xbox and you're back to dickriding PC again... You're a fuckhead
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    ^Lol that was one of my favorite endings too, i especially liked how it just came out of nowhere.
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    Lemmings are still stuck in the mid-late 2000's, back when they had games and HALOGEARSFORZA meant something
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    I don't understand why you guys continually get excited for cutscene footage when the in-game assets never reach that level of visual fidelity.
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    I’m loving all of the endings to AI Somnium files. Some of the dead ends are funny af, like
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    Sure this is late 00's style video, but only 100k views for this content is sin.
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    Why say more than xbox and ps4 combined? Why not just say more than ps4? what does xbox add to ps4s total? 2 games tops? Lmao
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    Yeah, clear I am outside the forums which is why you try and troll me about playing Crackdown, State of Decay and every xbox exclusive meanwhile you literally don't play GOTYs because they are Sony games. Why do you always think everyone is upset when talking to you? Im upset, GD upset, Jerry upset, Remij upset, Gouk upset, etc. Everyone who talks to you is always upset when we literally all just laugh at the tings you say.
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    I'm not interested so I'm going easy on this dude but like he's begging for me to go in and shit.
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    Having the same one for years when waking up
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    Looks awesome. It’s about to be cold as shit and dump snow here in the Seattle area this week.
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    My last dog had a brain tumor and had a couple of grand mal seizures as a result. We put her down and it was obviously hard, but for the next few months I'd periodically have nightmares about her having one and it would just absolutely wreck me. Had to sneak away to not wake up my wife and just ugly cry into a pillow in the bathroom.
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    I miss the chrome extension that allowed me to block channels on youtube. I wasn't surprised when selecting "not interested" doesn't really work, and instead you just get suggested more of the same kind of crap that has nothing to do with anything you watch. Kind of like how all those "Now This" videos were on facebook and kept getting reposted by people who thought they were smart now. So you basically get leftist crap everywhere. Shitty comedy central comics, same shit on google news.
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