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    wow......so vini is so stupid, and when presented with his stupidity, he invents another excuse which continues the stupidity.
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    I don't know, bro. Publishers have been skimping lately. Unfishined games have become a common thing, knowing they can pash the problems away. I can't trust these fools to do all you just wrote.
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    Keep begging for it bitch... it's only happening because Nvidia pushed it... much like Gsync/freesync VRR, VRS, ect ect... You're all over the place. One min you say it flopped... then you're defending your shitty RTX 2060 saying it's fine at RT... then you're jumping on the console dick saying that it doesn't matter at all and it's not worth it... then you're laughing saying that everyone wants it... blah blah blah... You're the same way with PC and PS... I'll never buy a PS5, the best versions of all Sony's games will be on PC! Then I argue with you about PC and you say I wont upgrade my PC next gen... and that you'd rather buy a PS5 then someone else says something about PS vs Xbox and you're back to dickriding PC again... You're a fuckhead
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    ^Lol that was one of my favorite endings too, i especially liked how it just came out of nowhere.
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    Lemmings are still stuck in the mid-late 2000's, back when they had games and HALOGEARSFORZA meant something
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    I don't understand why you guys continually get excited for cutscene footage when the in-game assets never reach that level of visual fidelity.
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    I’m loving all of the endings to AI Somnium files. Some of the dead ends are funny af, like
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    Sure this is late 00's style video, but only 100k views for this content is sin.
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    Why say more than xbox and ps4 combined? Why not just say more than ps4? what does xbox add to ps4s total? 2 games tops? Lmao
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    Yeah, clear I am outside the forums which is why you try and troll me about playing Crackdown, State of Decay and every xbox exclusive meanwhile you literally don't play GOTYs because they are Sony games. Why do you always think everyone is upset when talking to you? Im upset, GD upset, Jerry upset, Remij upset, Gouk upset, etc. Everyone who talks to you is always upset when we literally all just laugh at the tings you say.
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    I'm not interested so I'm going easy on this dude but like he's begging for me to go in and shit.
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    I miss the chrome extension that allowed me to block channels on youtube. I wasn't surprised when selecting "not interested" doesn't really work, and instead you just get suggested more of the same kind of crap that has nothing to do with anything you watch. Kind of like how all those "Now This" videos were on facebook and kept getting reposted by people who thought they were smart now. So you basically get leftist crap everywhere. Shitty comedy central comics, same shit on google news.
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    Nah, the airplane had ex-Iranians who live abroad in other countries. If there was a high-profile person on-board the news would've reported it already. Their troops on the ground were on high alert to see if they saw any unidentified aircraft. The plane should have departed an hour earlier, it was one hour behind, and it shouldn't have been in that spot at that time.
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    Something tells me now this was intended to be some elaborate ploy by Iran which failed miserably. They responded back after solemani killing with petty bombings on sites with 0 casualties making people think Iran was trying to be the better man. When in reality they planned this missle strike All along to be blamed on us . Why deny after the fact when intelligence by multiple nations are all saying you’re full of shit? Why clean up and destroy all the evidence before an investigation can be done? Why refuse to hand over the black box. and now shit piles up so high, they’ve finally admitted to doing it, but that it was accident because we were so scared of merica. Fuck outta here this is like motherfuckers who don’t realize where everyone has a camera and the internet exists. You can’t hide shit and play anyone for a fool anymore so easily
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    Being this delusional They kill an American contractor They attack the embassy causing no injuries or deaths We respond with a precision airstrike blowing up the general responsible for both They hold a forced attendance funeral for said general and 56 Iranian citizens die by being trampled They launch an airstrike which hits sand and does nothing Their defense system targets a commercial airliner and killed more Iranians among other foreigners that of which zero were American Goes out like a bitch? They're killing themselves and foreigners more effectively than us, we don't need to do anything
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    Like I said, the US is not obligated to anything, you can do whatever the fuck you want and you have shown that through decades of irresponsible foreign policy that creates more problems than it fixes. The fact is that the nuclear deal was working fine as 90% of the parties involved reported and Iran was not attacking or being hostile to anyone. In fact, the only one they had been attacking was ISIS and they managed to be a main role in its destruction. When Trump unilaterally decided to get out of the deal and impose renewed sanctions while menacing everyone else who doesn't follow these sanctions, he basically assured that the hostility of Iran will come back and that the conflict would escalate. But like I said, ever since 1979 the US has been dying to start a war with Iran and now the imbecile Trump pretty much is making everything possible to start one.
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    Oh ffs. I noticed this only happens with the US. If the roles were reversed the media would still be all over Trump and US and we’d be hearing non stop for the next week or 2 how incompetent the us is for shooting down a civilian plane, they are criminals who need to be arrested. Shit I haven’t even seen anyone blame Iran and apparently this is all trumps fault. I’ve even seen the people who died in a stampede at solimanis funeral also attributed to trumps fault. Next time us misses a target and accidentally bombs a “school, wedding or hospital” I want to see the blame placed on whatever Middle East country escalated the whole mess
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    I hate trump as much as anyone but putting the blame on him for Iran shooting down a civilian plane is doing some serious mental gymnastics.
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