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    i like phil's attitude towards games. you can tell he's passionate about them.
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    Yes.. I've made this thread before.. This is just a reminder that it hasn't changed The lead up to this trailer, the composition of the trailer, and especially the music.. are just amazing and perfect IMO. Then the release date reveal at the end..the cherry on top. That is how you make a trailer.
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    the academy is full of racists and pedos. i'm not surprised. still, watching the snobby critics whine about the joker makes me actually want to watch the show lol #teamjoker
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    @Twinblade @Ike this shit still cracks me up.
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    I like Phil. He literally saved Xbox from being dissolved. He brought MS back around to PC where it started.. and is setting plans in motion that look beyond a box. It gets mocked in the here and now.. but it's right for the future. They just need to start releasing better games... which I believe they are on track to do.
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    Huge mistake to miss E3 when your new console is launching this year imo
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    I completed AI Somnium files. What a long, but awesome, ending. I loved the payoff!
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    you romp around here like you are. and you comment on my looks, when you look like trash even with half your indian curd black tar face covered. So again, waiting for these great arms or whatever fetish you have to prove.
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    I never said that I was above average looking.
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    yeah and this game actually has some clever puzzles too. Theres no way you won't enjoy it, the story is also dark and twisted and its just really well put together.
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    Yeah, $13. If you play it in handheld mode then I recommend using some decent headphones as well. The audio design is quite good.
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    You said that like you were serious
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    He talks a great talk and is definitely passionate about the industry but there is no doubting that he has led over the worst stretch of Xbox first party games in their history. His focus was clearing changing the direction of Xbox and the way they do things which may have resulted in a much less focus on the games. I don't really care about how nice or anything he is, I'm not trying to befriend the guy. Sometimes ruthlessness brings out amazing creations.
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    I dig the story aspect. I mean I get these games. I never got around to play one and you have to admit they look weird if you have no idea how to even play these games. I think i'm long overdue, i know everyone keeps praising these games for their stories and characters.
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    steinsgate is pretty awesome. no gameplay of any kind, though. however, the metaphysical aspects of the story are great!
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    jesus man can you leave me alone, im trying to hate on a genre I've never played before (I will try it, but I will start with this time travel steinsgate stuff or whatever idk)
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    was that heart beard design on purpose
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    Snowy out today in Seattle. Should be snowing all week too.
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    there are keys missing. my over 10 year old keyboard has more keys than this.
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    Too many people expecting Horizon 2 at launch when I think Guerilla Games will launch with a different game. They are a two game studio studio now and the team that made horizon was last up. Not to mention they hired the R6 Siege ppl a while back which gives a massive hint into their next title. Will definitely be a shooter. Return of Killzone maybe or possibly new IP.................or the ultimate dream, return of SOCOM being made by Guerilla. But yeah I think the shooter launches (always good to have an exclusive shooter with a launch) then we see horizon probably 2 years in. For what I want. Controller wise, haptic feedback and gyro for aiming like on switch. Console itself I don't really care
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    While PS5 has a list of exclusives, Xbox now has a list of excuses.
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    Lol hermits used to get upset when I would make up names for peripherals aimed at gamers but Jesus. Lol "huntsmen" like it's a fucking crossbow.
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    RIP to the days of kaz and reggie
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    damn, i would just use $10 keyboards back in the day. too fancy.
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    They gave a standing ovation to Roman Polanski when he won an award but couldn’t accept who’s a pedo and can’t come back to the us because he raped a 13 year old girl in the 70s but is still free in France making movies. Disgusting slobs. All of them.
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    I'm a low profile kind of guy, but that's a nice looking keyboard and TKL is the master race of keyboard form factors.
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    Is this the kind of talk you use on bitches in the club?
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    this shit has turned into a soap opera
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    lmao he's a cuck and a fraud. He's not a gamer.
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    I miss the days of Jack tretton. He basically made PlayStation back into the powerhouse it is today after the abysmal years of PS3. He always delivered E3 shows that were hype as fuck. Then after he left and Shawn layden stepped up their e3 presence became mediocre. Wtf were they thinking with that whole flute guy bullshit. Of course they don’t want to go back to e3 after that pathetic display. i don’t like the idea of not going to e3 and doing your own thing where you can control the entire narrative. You bring and show what you have to the world rather than some bullshit online Nintendo direct style show
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    Imagine feeling the need to write a 500+ page article just bitch about a movie getting awards. Fucking pathetic.
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    Yeah i was surprised by how charming and uplifting the ending was, spike chunsoft's games are not known for having happy endings
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    I don’t get why they want to risk doing something that can backfire badly in a console launch year. If they really have to skip e3, mid gen would be the best time to shift away from it imo.
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    Agreed. We needed one last "Next gen PS vs Xbox" E3 console battle
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    The same one that revealed a 2019 PS5 release date.
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    2020 is off to a weird start when I can say Adam Sandler was snubbed for best actor.
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    I wondered how long it would take Low and Remy to start back up.
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    It's not a massive undertaking he says Like I said you're clueless.
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    We already see you look overweight short, darker than you'd like to admit, and only needed a spray to fully complete the gremlin look for halloween. You don't need to post a pic, brotha. He who lives in a glass house shouldn't throw stones.
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    - Demon's Souls remaster day 1 - $500 with enough power that it still feels like a steal
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