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    Has a more ironic post ever been posted on Sw?
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    They are, just not on the days they played the 49ers. Sun was in their eyes.
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    Looks who always pops up. Dyno's fluffer. Like a bad rash you can't rid.
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    Yeah probably a concept. Ugly as sin. When Sony tries to style their shit we get this and the BananaRang controller.
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    lmao it's so true. Telling someone to wait is safe as far as advice goes, because we know that the products will either be better or cheaper. It all depends on how patient the person is, or if they need it now or not. At some point.. you've just got to settle and bite the bullet.
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    That was the worst fight in history
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    I liked MGS5 but it’ll be the first time since PS1 that an MGS game isn’t in my top 5
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    Says a lot about American politics that being a soldier for 7 months qualifies you as a voice on foreign policy.
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    Yeah it’s good. very easy to get Into, but it’s not all that special once you really get into the genre. I’m kind of a snob Of this genre though. My name and avatar is from FFT. i know you’re into action games and it’s like someone recommending someone idk something like darksiders as the best the genre has to offer
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    Talk to my opinion too! I kno my stuff and not just butting in!!
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    Triple H is not the fat guy from boy meets world/clerks 2
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    You care about a point of a pointless world
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    Maybe . But we will finish it at the same time . And my experience will be better.
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