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    My god this game is good. One of the best JRPGs I've played in years to think this masterpiece was locked to WiiU where it could never be discovered by gamers.
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    I honestly have no idea what the game plan that Shanahan is going to scheme up these next two weeks. I just know it’s going to be crazy and awesome and championship worthy. The dude has craved this since 28-3. This should be an incredible super bowl and it definitely feels like the best two teams are in the biggest game of the year.
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    If you think this shit sucks there's no hope for you But keep talking shit I want Em to keep at it at least for another decade and a half
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    It’s a streaming pile of shit.
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    Just finished part one of Words of Radiance (Book 2) and holy fuck, it's somehow even better than The Way of Kings. Awesome that you're currently reading it like I am, been dying to talk to someone about these book. Second half and especially the final third of Way of Kings is so damn good.
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    This game came out years ago on WiiU and nobody cared. Not sure how its suddenly getting so much attention.
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    They are, just not on the days they played the 49ers. Sun was in their eyes.
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