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    never use the word "forumite"
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    Communism is even worse than Nazism. Not only does it have a much higher body count, it creates economic misery while at least with Nazism we'd have a Mars base by now. People like to say yeah but Bernie's a likable grumpy old man. I'm sure Goering was fun at parties too. Comrade Sanders called for nationalizing almost all major industries and a 100% top income bracket Comrade Sanders praised the Soviet Union Comrade Sanders honeymooned in the Soviet Union during the late 80s Comrade Sanders praised Castro and said he "felt sick" when JFK criticized the Communist revolution in Cuba Comrade Sanders produced a documentary praising Eugene Debs, and to this day has a picture of Debs hanging in his Senate office. Debs was considered the US' most prominent Marxist and was a staunch supporter of the Bolshevik Revolution and Lenin and Trotsky. Comrade Sanders praised the Sandinistas as heroic revolutionaries Comrade Sanders was into Alex Jones-style Communist conspiracy theories Kneecap a Commie. More to come. - Radio Free System Wars
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    Honestly seems to be aimed at players like you.
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    He can't clinch his stretched anus enough to not lose his shit.
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    I have Government provided healthcare and it’s phenomenal. You spastics actually defend paying double any other country and being unable to choose your own doctor, being unable to negotiate your real earning value because of all the sunk costs employers are sinking into healthcare, limiting your employment mobility. How in the fuck does it make any sense for my healthcare to be tied to a job?
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    Nah you’ve got it backwards. The Bernie people actively go against woke liberal SJWs talking about shit like bathroom rights. Those are Killary fans who have no authentic beliefs so hide behind woke politics Even Resetera has been largely against Bernie, cause they are all Killary faggots
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    Those are good, this one is really good too:
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    These climate theories never pan out because scientist keep forgetting that God is in control.
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    I always have a huge backup drive with all my shit that I want to keep. Local drive for Windows + downloads from the net. A separate SSD with Steam, Origin, Epic, ect ect A separate SSD with all my emulation stuff. And a huge 4TB backup drive of everything I want to keep a copy of. So I usually always have 2 copies of everything at least. The nice thing about Steam is that it's portable. I can format the local drive and reinstall windows and simply run Steam again from that drive and it's like nothing ever happened. All games are still installed and good to go.. all the games I've added are still there, all the custom artworks and everything. I also have my Steam userdata folder backed up again on my 4TB drive so that there's no chance of me having to re-add all those "non steam games" to Steam again. Having my emulation drive separate means that even if I wanted to format my Steam drive and reinstall Steam, all the filepaths for the emulated games I've added will always stay the same.. which means they all are good to go as well.
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    The funniest part is all this talk out of Bernie about the working class American and how he's for the worker yet he wants to take away our privatised healthcare which is better in spades, he wants to implement socialized healthcare which would add tens of trillions in taxes, and he wants to cancel student debt and make college "free" adding even more tens of trillions in taxes. To any human being with the least bit of sense and real work ethic they understand that none of this adds up. You're for the working class yet you want to tax the working class to death? You want to steal away our employer provided and self-funded healthcare for a government controlled system? You want to cancel CONTRACTUALLY AGREED TO LOANS with our tax money? Fuck you. Fuck everything you stand for you shifty ass mother fucker. Bernie appeals to the lazy generation, the people contributing the least or nothing to society (Jerry). He appeals to the people who don't work, or come to work and do just enough to get a paycheck and are constantly skimming the line of being fired. He's appealing to and incentivizing the lack of earnest in dictating your own future and earning your keep. He's incentivising lack of responsibility for your actions and that if you don't tow the line and contribute you will be paid for and have all these luxuries regardless. Who the fuck wants the government to control healthcare? Have you seen how government controlled systems for the populous operate? They are totally inefficient, gigantic money losers and are outclassed in every capacity by comparative privately controlled industries who strive for excellence, because if they don't then someone else will.
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    Can not estimate how big it is but from what I've seen over the years there's definitely a portion of Bernie supporters that act in a vile cult-like fashion. They're the decrepit remnants of the SJW era and lowest Reddit/Resetera-tier scum who are gradually being stomped out of existence. And that's a good thing! Anyway it would be disastrous if this commie faggot actually became the president, his promises with all these free handouts are ridiculous he's a grade A charlatan
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    I watched a side by side comparison and I was disappointed at the lack of work they put into the visuals, the PS3 games were always rough looking and Sega put no effort into improving that aspect. I think this is great for people who missed out on these but as someone who already sunk a bunch of time into the games, I don't see any incentive to jump back in.
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    I was happier under the Bush administration but that doesn't detract from Trump. Society is still in the process of recovering from the damage done during the Obama administration. People got really weird during and on the heels of that period of time, but are beginning to normalize again. SJW culture and political correctness seem to be fading, wokeness and virtue signaling is becoming less prominent, identity politics are being called out more. People are beginning to wake up and realize that whole leftist mentality is crazy, it's miserable, illogical and makes everyone's lives more stressful and difficult. The Jerry's of the world are losing steam.
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    There are game IPs that are immune to flopping, like Mario. Doom is one of those as well. I remember all of you guys and I never imagined we'd all be here still in 2020. Things have been getting better for us !
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    Doom 3 flopped lmfao! jk, how’s it going Mack?
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    Lol those suck. But hi, hello, how are you
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    Wow, this post hits me in the childhood. This whole forum does really.
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