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    they should keep the “3” since Xbox will be a distant third again.
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    Damn, im one of the biggest supporters of Death Stranding here but If I played it like Ramza im pretty sure I would have hated it
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    Twinblade, Dyno and myself loved it. Think Remij liked it but maybe not to the level of twinblade and myself Ramza clearly likes it (60h in) but went a bit too far into side quests. GD was meh. Didn't grab him but understands how ppl can like it Sabo hates it
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    i mean if sony skips e3 , there’s nothing else to cover.
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    I sort of felt the same way, but then as you get further into it you realize that its not really about any individual character but the entire cast and their roles within the overarching story. Theres even a bizarre but cool scene in the finale that reinforces that aspect (at least thats how I interpreted it).
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    Thats how PS4 units are made, using the blood and hearts of Japanese otakus.
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    Goddamn... I actually remember playing this game when it first came out. I was like 6 years old. Thanks for reminding me that I'm getting old.
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    The host's awkwardness makes everything so much funnier Theres a bunch of these and they're honestly all worth watching. This dating one is among my favorites
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    This in a month and Better Call Saul a week from Monday! Two of TV's best shows are coming back.
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    Well ya gotta keep it simple. For Flaridians. See? See? THEY'RE LOST WITHOUT TRANSPARENT RIGIDITY
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    The slogan should be "is it turned on? "
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    I own both a re-release gc controller and a third party one. Third party one is pretty dope cause it eliminates the trigger travel plus it works as a pro controller with other games.
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    Yeah, I just can't see Brown taking this seriously. I know he's a world class athlete so he should have no problem training for this, but just every fucking thing he's done the last 12 months has been so stupid and childish that I can't picture him doing anything but laughing at his trainer and walking out.
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    soon, the phone and tablet markets will be one.
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