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    Rewatching season 4 of better call Saul. So pumped for the premiere of 5 next Monday
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    I think it'll surprise people and be one of the better rated Microsoft games released recently. 60-64
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    Yeah I know I've been hearing you guys over and over again.. Haven't played much on pc lately. Maybe I'll pick up a mid range RTX.
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    Yikes, he's now trying to imitate me, without the cleverness. He's running out of ideas.......or storage space on his S6
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    THAT scene with Werner and Mike was so fucking beautifully shot. Also, the scene in the finale with Jimmy in the courtroom was fucking brilliant acting. I don't understand how this show hasn't won an Emmy yet. Also, one of the episodes this season is titles Goodman v. Wexler and Hank and Gomey are back. Can't fucking wait for Sunday.
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    Do you know WHEN Halo Infinite is coming out? The exact date? Here, let's go to Xbox.com to pre-order it............ Why...............................its not there? I even clicked on Upcoming.............and its not there. So by your logic..............Halo Infinite doesn't really exist, eh?
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    So sick of the current combat system after like 10 games, can’t wait for this. It’s going to dethrone 0 as the best in the series.
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    Not sure how you get that out of anything that has been said... but you are dumb as fuck so... Sounds like Nvidia is going to scam you again.. and you already know it
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    you are almost always wrong, it's by sheer miracle whenever you say something that is remotely right and of value you just don't realize it.
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    I've been right everytime on plenty of other things.
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    yeah, the all star game was pretty lit
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    Midsommar was a beautifully shot mess of a movie
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    Jerry is quite possibly the dumbest person alive.
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    I think they're going all in on PSVR2. Still... that sucks for VR people who bought PSVRs. Meanwhile PCVR is getting ready for the highest profile VR game to ever be made releasing next month..
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