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    everytime she fights with her dad on the phone, i'm like, "what are you both ching chonging about?" she says it's offensive...but still dates me
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    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8142733/De-Blasio-says-NYC-hospitals-run-supplies-week.html Oh look at that, NY's top doctors are going to start trials using the drug mentioned by the trump administration. Why would they bother if the president was just talking out of his ass? You degenerates would rather more people die without receiving a potential treatment as long as it fits your anti-trump agenda. You and Jerry are the lowest of the low.
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    one uses bleeding edge game design the other is bleeding edge
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    Exclusives are anti-consumer. games are not fun unless we all play together and hold hands.🌈Losing is fun!
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    i think the reviews make it sound like the epic single player experience the franchise is known for.
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    Not bad. So we got 93.... -5 because it's half life and gabe made them wait 13 years so they wanted it more -5 because it's valve and the same reasons -10 because it's the first passable VR game so expectations are lower Sounds like we got a solid 73 if it were a real game boys.
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    https://i.imgur.com/vRSQ3Vv.mp4 Fairly accurate.
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    Second day in a row of fewer cases and deaths in Italy. +4790 cases (down from +5560 yesterday) and +602 deaths (down from +651). Still looking at thousands more dying even if the trend continues downward, but this is hopeful news that the worst is behind Italy.
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    It's GAMEY lynux, GAMEY!
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    Who could surpass the VR experiences the Switch can provide
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    coronavirus turned rita wilson (tom hank's wife) into a pretty sick rapper
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