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    You know what color that is 60
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    Wow OK, case closed. The only thing this proves is you're a dumbass.
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    Ringfit got absolutely murdered stock-wise because it became a viral sensation on Chinese social media, some celebrity was urging everyone to use while quarantining for the virus. so basically all ringfit copies got scalped and sent to china. https://www.wired.com/story/ring-fit-shortage-coronavirus-covid-19/
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    Co-Ed 19 Vid Guaranteed to leave you Breathless
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    Even when the world is forced to be Quarantined at home, no one wants an Xbox1
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    twitter, the new hotbed for SW trolling
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    Well, I'm gonna get in front of this, and check my local store. I ain't gonna get caught with no ringfit like some dumb muthafu-
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    Nintendo those cheeky bastards. They knew this was coming. goddammit i should've bought it when i had the fuckin' chance.
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    Destructoid - 6.5 HobbyConsolas -7.2
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    Sony probably gonna have more AAAs (1) on the Xbox than even MS has
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    You been hanging out with Jimbo again?
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    some PS games on PC 3 to 4 years later.... no need for PS5. Xbox1 games on PC Day 1. Xbox1 is a must buy . Lemming logic
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    Right of the top of my head. XCluded this year. Persona 5 Royale Sakura Wars Nioh 2 Wonderful 101 Trials of Mana Gran Blue Fantasia Fairy Tail Babylon's Fall FF7 Countless other shit I can even be bothered to make a list .
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    He's a local. I'm gonna egg his mansion.
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    Some highlights: Took out a whole team around 12:40 with a vehicle Took out a bunch of people in vehicles with an airstrike at 18:50 Really enjoying this game so far might be the best Battle Royale so far. The second chance 1v1 is a really cool concept.
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