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    720p on a 75" TV for an almost 4 year old game while non-sheep are enjoying the sequel. What a disgusting faction the sheep are.
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    Damage control almost as disgusting as the act. Sheep are filth. FILTH.
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    Let me just say this, I'm mentally in the same place I was right at the end of Half-Life 2. Valve is into some serious shit with this.
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    I just beat it, my god this was absolutely incredible. A perfect mix of 1 & 2, shocking revelations, shocking implications, easily the most jaw dropping ending I've ever had in a game. I am in shock right now...
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    Let's see, been home with the fam. Didn't get much game time going except my kids harassed me into installing Fortnite on my PC so that I could play with them.
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    why waste time on this ADHD non-ADS floaty controls kb&M shooter? Luigi's mansion 3 has better graphics, better gameplay, and probably better scares too. DOOM = worst FPS franchise still going today
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    So I've heard. I've actually been on a doom binge. Beat 1 2 3 and now working on this one. Still need to get doom64
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    The main menu theme in Doom Eternal is one of my favorite tracks, it always got me pumped up when I booted up the game
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    DOOM Eternal is badass af. A bit too much platforming for my taste but it plays well with the double jump and double dash so its not a big issue. Anyway, Im still early, will give more in depth impressions later.
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    Just watched the first 2 of S3 last night...on to the third tonight. :)
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    something for vr I actually liked drive club with vr. Gta 5 on pc in first person introduced me to the possibilities. Then DCS world blew me away. And all that with a shitty phone and google vr.
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    They removed so much content form the game that it's killed the fun for me. I can't even make a funny MAGA vs. Woke village because they removed custom greetings and signs. The best part of AC is inviting the public to your village, having them say, "This is a great looking village," and then having a duck walk by in an SS uniform saying, "Gas the Jews! Do you lift, bro?"
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    Really enjoyed the first 3 eps of ozark S3 (especially the third one).
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    no room when Charlene, Siraynya, and Quiddich stuffing up all the room.
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