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    Caring about video game spoilers in 2020. LUIS SERA DIES. TCHBR
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    Bought A.I. Files: Somnium. First let me just say what a shit name for a game. The name alone would've drastically reduced chances of sales. Even knowing I wanted to buy it, it was still a bitch to find in the store. Anyways, about 2-3 hours in. First hour or so I was like WTF but now the story has got me. So happy to have the same crazy ass Japanese Danganronpa-esque style. Some of the dialogue or Date thought's on things have cracked me up big time. I'm iffy on the whole amnesia part of the story cause it feels like such a cliche ploy, but we will see where it goes. Damn bro. You brave.
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    And The Last Jedi/ Rise of skywalker. #fuckNielDruckman #BringBackAmyHenning
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    Bill Gates officially stepped down from Microsoft's board just this past March. He has no official position within the corporation. There's nothing there for lemmings to take credit for. If anything, Bill Gates dumped the dead weight so that he can focus on something more productive. He can save us from a once-in-a-century pandemic..............because those odds are better than him trying to save the utter failure that was Xbox gaming.
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    It’s entirely manipulative to try and garner fake sympathy. It clearly has no respect for its audience. Just like showing a dog or a baby to make people go “awwww” for easy emotions. It’s complete shit writing.
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    The twist is she’s a transgender and was born a man, therefore making Ellie actually straight all along
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    Solid game but its never going to be a replacement for HL3. Hopefully Valve is working on the real thing.
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    Anyone running as a republican or Democrat will get a minimum of 42% of votes by default. Trump "won" by actually getting 3 million less votes than Hillary but because of the EC, his victory was decided by less than 75k votes. There's way more than 75 thousand idiots in the United States. How many Xbox One X units have been sold for example.
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    Yup lol. He has no idea how crazy shit is going to get.
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    Buckle in because you’re in for a hell of a ride.
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    Shaddap with that Science fiction talk. Speak AMERICAN.
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    couldn't get into it, actually preferred the oldschool Zelda game on Switch, beat that shit in one sitting.
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    If i'm being totally honest I don't get what the problem is with discrimination in general, we do it in every other facet of life. I mean we discriminate sexual partners based upon physical appearance, we discriminate based upon genetics, sexual orientation, mental competency, we discriminate against people based upon age, how much money they make, their personality, their social status and so on and so forth. I say let people do whatever the fuck they want, if they don't like you because of your race who gives a shit? I guarantee they're discriminating you on 20 other variables at the same time.
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    did they pay someone $5 on fiverr for this?
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    Not sure how you could fuck up an X... but MS found a way.
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    Mother-in-law had to go to the hospital for fluid in her lungs. Similar symptoms to COVID, but she's battling cancer and this isn't the first time it's happened so we were pretty sure it wasn't COVID and her doctor agreed. Still, obviously you gotta handle everybody like they have it so they tested her and kept her in her own room away from the COVID ward. She gets a little bit worse, so they send her to the COVID ward. Test comes back negative and she recovers enough to go home. Next couple of days are going to suck waiting to see if symptoms develop.
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